Chanting …Chanting

As we all know Chanting of the Holy name is the back-bone of devotional service. The goal of all other forms of devotional service is to augment and support this chanting of the Holy Name. chantingonjapabeads

Yet just chanting the holy name is not sufficient. It is “All in the mood”. The mood of chanting is paramount when one considers the chanting process holistically. If the mood of chanting is not maintained may chant for millions of life-times ; yet he will not reap an iota of benefit of such chanting!! This mood has been defined by our Supreme Lord Sriman Mahaprabhu has to develop the mood of being more humble than the blade of grass; one who is tolerant than the massive banyan tree who sustains heat , cold and rain with no complaints , one who always renders respect to others while expecting none in return…only such a mood is suitable for chanting the holy name..if one wishes to enjoy the rich harvest  after sowing the holy name in one’s heart. Otherwise just chanting the holy name like a parrot may generate “sukriti” but one will not be able to taste the Lord’s expansive love.

Its all easier said than done. How to develop such a mood? Srila Rupa Goswami reveals that “intense greed” is enough to generate the mood described in the 3rd verse of Shikshashtakam. the precursor to even develop this intense greed is to invest in a “compulsive habit”. This habit if developed…one can easily transcend the modes of material nature/material life in a matter of 6 months if one applies this at a practical level.

The process:

One should be conscious of chanting the Mahamantra at all times during one’s waking hours. Even as one performs one’s daily chores ; if one develops this compulsive habit ; keeping in mind the 10 Naama Apradhas ; 6 months is a realistic time by which one will be exposed to the Lord’s most magnanimous love and  glory  as one will develop intense greed for the Lord. This intense greed will then stoke other aspects of the purified fire of Bhakti that will even bring one’s eternal Gurudev in one’s life.

One should not waste one’s life on the pretext of fulfilling one’s so-called bodily duties. One need not whimsically abandon one’s occupation or other Karmic/Mayic strings either. If one develops intense greed for attaining the Lord’s nitya seva, the fire of that greed will incinerate all Mayic debris and free one to serve the Lord in the highest mood!!


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