Power of being Negative

Often people talk of “Being Positive”. Yet in Prema Bhakti in a particular sense “Being Positive” has no value. The western thought promotes positive thinking and Positive visualization. In the context of Gaudiya Vaishnava Bhakti however this concept fails to attain the goal although it may not cause any harm particularly. The aspect of “innocence” is the highlight of the Power of Negativity.

Talking of the Power of Positivity these are the common notions that abound the world.

  1. Never talk of losing , always talk of winning and particularly talk of a Win-Win situation
  2. Visualize yourself having all that you “want”
  3. Be nice to people but pray that you are safeguarded.
  4. Be diplomatic and handle situations for the welfare of any organization or common good
  5. Think of yourself as confident and try to rehearse all that you envisage in your thoughts and see yourself going towards success
  6. Laughter is the best medicine , try to laugh or be open , it will make the world laugh and make the world a better place

Let us talk of analyzing each sentence above and then it is left to the “Aspirant of Bhakti” to decide the power of positive thinking.

  1. What are we loading our consciousness with? Is it winning and also other’s winning? How can this be achieved? Through diplomacy and feeling good for others? Is it possible when others are also trying to do the same thing especially in the corporate because they are being “taught” to do it with no spiritual background? What is the first thing that we try to do? Make others win first and then try to win or make compromises? Is it not the final winning of someone’s subtle ego in the end? In that case do we come out and proclaim Win -Lose or Win-Win? Will it not create resentment in the heart of the other party whose heart will get contaminated? Will not his subtle-ego start conspiring to make situations worse the next time?
  2. What about the Law of Karma which is universal? Will not the desiring set you into a loop of frustration? Are we being fair with nature?
  3. When we say being nice to people, is it that we are being true to ourselves? Can we be brutally nice with commitment?
  4. Is anybody worried about an organization or simply stoking the means to so-called “growth”
  5. Will that not construe to cheating ourselves? Even if we really feel confident, then do we need to rehearse and visualize?
  6. Have we genuinely ever laughed in our lives or have we only laughed superficially with a complete false understanding of our life and that of the world’s?

Let us talk of analyzing each sentence above with respect to what we generally think of Bhakti especially in the context of including Krishna into our lives?

  1. Do your work and leave everything to Krishna. Is your heart absolutely certain that Krishna is working for you? If that is the case is Krishna your paid servant? If the Lord has said that He says that in the Gita, then has he delineated a step by step process in the Gita or has he just provided an ultra-methodical way of analyzing the material world? Has he said anything beyond that?
  2. Have faith on Krishna and He will help you. He will definitely give you what you need. The question is “Is faith that cheap” or are you required to pay a price? Have you actually realized faith? Is your inner heart really satisfied with what you “just need”. Have you analyzed this?
  3. When you have faith, Krishna will make you nice. Considering the above arguments is it not too much that I am expecting?
  4. Krishna was diplomatic in the war of Mahabharata and he established Karma Yoga, Do your duty. Question is can you do it with the general public?
  5. Can we imitate the teachings of Krishna leave along imitating Lord Krishna or Lord Rama, through the Bhagavad Gita simply by understanding Bhagavad Gita.
  6. After contemplating on the top 5 arguments can you laugh?

Is the Power of Positivity justified? Is there real laughter in this world? Anybody who is reading this article can ask pointed questions to rajeshpara08@gmail.com I will be glad to take questions.

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