Lost Love

Every individual in this world, some time or other has fallen in love. Even if it were just one-sided, an emotion simply felt in the heart, every single person still has experienced this emotion. Over the years it is either that this emotion fades away with age or the emotion takes a form of mundane commitment such as marriage. In either case the seedling of affection wears out in the scorching heat of material life. Having said that, the memory of that fresh emotion persists somewhere in the consciousness of the being.

Although the act of falling in love is a natural chronicle in one’s life, the emotion that embodies this upsurge of the heart is so intensely phenomenal that it remains with the individual ever fresh even as he lays waiting for death. It is important to understand that this emotion that usually happens at the turn of the teens or even as one is in one’s twenties is not just a genetic phenomenon of age and innocence. There is something lost_love_by_rave_heart-d5gdug0deeper that is to be taken notice off. The attraction between male and female is universal and the entire mechanism of the material world spins around this single concept. As spiritual beings we are the marginal potency of the Lord, which means all the living entities that populate planet earth represent the separated parts and parcels of the Lord. In the spiritual world, at the pinnacle of the source of all creation lies that eternal indestructible magnum opus of Sri Krishna which is Goloka Vrindavana where the Supreme Lord is in perennial enjoyment with His own personified energy represented by Srimati Radharani. Sri Krishna who thus enjoys with Sri Radha all the time is also called Rama, the Supreme Pleasure seeker.  The Lord represents infinitude and Srimati Radha represents the pleasure potency of that infinitude which is beyond any conception. Unlike the Supreme Lord a human being is ill-capable of any enjoyment so to say. However if he tries to over-indulge in seeking pleasure it ends up with his own destruction through disease and decay.

Planet earth is an infinitely minute nay miniscule representation of that land of incalculable joy, yet in a completely perverted sense. Earth is a minute shadow of that vast expanse of brilliance known as Goloka. Whatever exists in Goloka, it is obvious has to exist on earth. It is just like saying that if the shadow of an object appears to be like a female, then obviously the object in question is also a female. Planet earth represents some variety and hence it goes without saying that Goloka has to represent insurmountable variety. There is small happiness here and hence Goloka has immeasurable levels of happiness and joy. There is sorrow and grief here and Goloka also carries within itself a sweetness of separation and intense upsurge of other-worldly mellows which are yet far from sorrow and grief; which do not have any other parallel here on earth. Just as the features of a person are not clearly represented in a shadow, similarly planet earth cannot adequately represent the magnificence of the spiritual realm of Goloka. However the feeling of that love of the teenage which is in a sense ignorant, unconsciousness and carefree is the very life and essence of existence in Goloka represented by the pastimes of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna there. The only difference in their nature is that; the love on this planet is self-pleasure seeking whereas the one in that perfect land is for the satisfaction of the Supreme Enjoyer Sri Krishna. Here the one seeking pleasure through such love is tainted with a masculine ego which is fundamentally rooted in the ignorance of the body. There in the spiritual realm, all the inhabitants are primarily females in a perfectly spiritual body trying to give utmost satisfaction to the only masculine member Sri Krishna. Here the emotion of feeling loved or loving someone is transient and loses intensity with time though it retains memory of the feeling with some freshness. However the erotic nature of that transcendental love in the spiritual realm is beyond all bodily conception and is a pure transformation of one’s eternal identity as a servant of Sri Radha and Krishna in the spiritual realm. Hence it makes greater sense to transmute the materially contorted human love into that of pure devotion and thus utilize our life forces for the highest service possible while still being embodied. When one seriously takes to Raganuga Bhakti under the auspices of a perfect spiritual master or Sadhguru, one is immediately rescued from the painful clutches of Lost Love.

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