Nobody but the Lord – Part 2

Sadhana is the single most important aspect of human life that connects one directly to the Lord. Without Sadhana, even if one may be blessed by a Sadhguru, there is no question of connecting with the Lord, nay , no question of having a scent of God.

As a sadhaka there are many parameters based on which one can quantitatively measure one’s growth in Sadhana. As part of the glorious Gaudiya Vaishnava Parampara whose foundation was laid none other than the Audarya ( Most Merciful) avatara Sriman Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, it is possible to gauge where we stand in terms of our attempt to get close to Sri Sri Radha and Krishna. There are fundamentally two major bifurcations in knowing our position in sadhana. One is the material and the other is transcendental.

On the material life we are surrounded by our friends and relatives. We are enmeshed by our professions and we are also enmeshed by the six vices which continuously raise their hoods and sting us from time to time. Our surrender to Sadhguru and an attempt to following his instructions and footsteps are the earliest indications that we are serious in our Sadhana. One need not ape the Sadhguru. That is not possible. It is also unnecessary to glorify Guru or keep on getting amazed about the Guru and his wonderful ways. That is another waste of time. It will not lead you anywhere. However when one tries to connect to the Guru to know about the practicality of Sadhana , to setup one’s daily schedule of Sadhana and exposing one’s known shortcomings is an interesting way to express ourselves to the Sadhguru.limitedtoabsolute

After one has taken up the schedule, one should commit oneself wholly to Sadhana balancing the rest of the material world activities around Sadhana. This may appear far-fetched, but being in regular touch with Deeksha Guru or Shiksha Guru will attract amazing power to be able to achieve brilliance in Sadhana. Thus it is also binding that every Sadhaka should have atleast one Shiksha Guru who is a direct representative of the Deeksha Guru so that the teachings are in line with the Parampara System. As one gets hinged on to Sadhana , one should find a stark difference in one’s approach with family, so-called friends and work place. Sadhana is a powerful process that will ultimately uproot you from material life and fully place you in Spiritual Life. One needs to measure one’s position with respect to one’s interest in the mundane as one is performing Sadhana. One can ask the following questions

  • Am I feeling that I should be doing more Sadhana?
  • Do I feel that I should reduce my office work by some means so that I can focus on Sadhana
  • Is it that I am naturally getting more time for Sadhana by Lord’s arrangement?
  • Am I always charged up during the entire day?
  • Am I feeling that the world outside is slowly leaving me?
  • Am I happy just chanting by myself?
  • Will I be okay if the world shuns me?
  • Is it fine if people swear at me saying that I am a waste ?
  • Am I okay just being a servant serving at an Ashrama, preferably of Gurudeva?
  • Am I ready to face anything , come what may , even if it means that I am on the road leaving everything to Guru and Gauranga?
  • Would I mind giving up even my children and family for Krishna?

If the answer to the above questions is “Yes” then it can be counted that my Sadhana is going somewhere. However while answering the above questions one may intellectually, without realization of the seriousness of the questions one may answer “Yes”. This is because first Sadhana should first destroy the six vices which are sitting oceanic miles deep in the core of our heart. One need not answer these questions. If the above events are actually happening in one’s life that too literally it can be safely assumed that Sadhana is adequate and taking one in the right direction. Although the contents of this article appear too harsh or inconsiderate, this is the plain truth. When one is from all angles free of material life and the karma associated with this material life , Krishna takes over the rein of that individual completely and safely carries him over to the spiritual realm after ending one’s material life in totality.

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