0002-An ocean called Nitaicand

Nitaicand or Sri Nitaichandra Prabhu is the spiritual elder brother of Lord Gauranga, the moon of Godrumadwipa. It there were no Nitai, nobody would have known about Lord Gauranga, no one would have ever chanted the name of Krishna with a heart melting under the cooling heat of divine ecstatic love. It is only Nitaicand who established the religion for Kaliyuga that is Hari Nama Sankirtana. He is the original father of the Nama Hatta, the congregational chanting of the Holy Name.

What we see unfortunately today in the world as an international movement is just the corpse of the original movement started by Sri Nitaicand in Bengal. One needs to understand the mood of the original movement started by Nitaicand 530 years ago. Nitaicand although is the very source of Sri Baladeva , bearing the divine aspect of universal mercy, is the epitome of humility and other divine personified qualities of His Lord Sri Gauracandra. He had the capacity to send a wave of rapture through the hearts of anyone who approached Him. The individual was given Love of God literally unasked for because Sri Nitaicand wasnityananda-blessing-raghunath Himself a personification of the rapture of the Holy Name. Such was His potency. Even non-devotees who were either agnostic or atheistic in nature floated on the fathomless ocean of Prema although because of their adverse innate nature, they could not attain the depth of Prema. The scriptures sang the glories of Nitai establishing Him as the source of all creation, the primal servant of the Lord of Lords Sri Gauracandra Bhagawan. Having taken that position, Nitaicand distributed Love of Godhead after returning to Bengal after He received order from Lord Gauranga. Nitai used to go begging from house to house even to the house of the most fallen jeeva in Nabadwipa, one who is full of oneself, to the house of one who did not respect other jeevas, to the house of the egoist who cared too less for other living entities. Lord Caitanyadeva had laid a condition that unless the jeeva surrendered, there was no question of anyone receiving Love of Godhead. However Nitaicand was so merciful that he exempted even that rule and forcibly awarded the highest position to the most fallen which no Brahma, no Shiva or no Vishnu could award. Nitai just requested people to repeat the name “Gaura” once and that was the only criteria for one to pulsate with the energy of Love of God. There were so many unfortunate beings in that land of Nabadwipa that they would not utter the name of “Gaura” even once. In such people’s contaminated homes, Nitaicand served as a menial servant satisfying the material desires of those living entities. Once a bond was formed between Nitai and that living entity, Nitai would request the living entity to chant the name of “Gaura”. Thus Nitai had the power to infuse the power of love of God even in stone-hearted beings which even Sri Gauracandra would find amazing. The various manifestations of the Lord thus carried out various pastimes. The sealed ambrosial honey of Prema was simply cut loose by that incarnation of the Supreme Being called Nitaicand. Sri Gauranga would only give Himself to beings that have accepted Sri Nitaicand whole-heartedly and worship Him in one’s heart. The younger brother of Sri Nitai is not available to those who have not installed themselves at the feet of Nityananda Prabhu. Thus Gaura and Nitai are non-different. One, who is a student of Gaudiya System and wishes to be accepted on the path of Krishna Bhajana, should at the very onset accept the name and glories of Sri Nitaicand. This is the superhighway to then attain Sri Gaura and through Sri Gaura one then attains the highest blessing in the form of the amorous conjugal love remnants of Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

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