Minute Free-will

The Sastras proclaim that we have minute free-will and the Lord does not interfere with this minute independence of the living entity.However with respect to material life this minute free-will is all that matters!! After rendering the Bhagavad Gita the Su
preme Lord told Arjuna that He has put before Arjuna all that He could and now Arjuna should decide!! free-willCould that Supreme Lord not control Arjuna and make him do whatever He wanted?  Magicians and Tantriks with minute mesmerism powers take full control of individuals through their practiced powers so what to say about that Supreme Lord Krishna. Yet the Lord has given this independence to the living entity and never ever interferes with this facility given to the living entity.

Free-will is the one greatest power completely in the hands of the living entity and intelligence has to be used while exercising this free-will. With regards to material life this free-will is the only aspect which causes chaos in the material world. Free-will was given so that we can use it to express our Love to the Lord because there is nothing called “forced love”. If the Lord had not provided free-will how could there be a loving relationship between the living entity and the Lord? 

However when free-will is applied in the service of Maya devi ..mayhem transpires. One uses feeble pretexts to defend one’s inherent weaknesses saying  “The Lord is yet to show mercy on me ..I am not a good devotee because I am undergoing karma …When will the Lord show mercy..etc… These are typical rantings of a stealthy living entity who has the deep-rooted tendency of sense-enjoyment but outwardly appears to cry for mercy!! One has to be extremely sincere in one’s endeavors as one surrenders to the Lotus feet of the Lord. The contamination in the heart weakens the tendency to surrender and one uses free-will to comfortably enjoy the Lord as well as the material world. Such an approach is as good as being under the direct influence of Mayadevi. One’s life becomes cyclic without tangible benefits of any Bhakti process. One should pray to the Lord all the time to engage oneself in the service of the Divine Couple. Although the Lord provides such opportunities He does not interfere with free-will. Intelligence has to be sharpened with “Uttama” Sadhu-sanga so that free-will is appropriately engaged in the service of the Lord!!

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