Dharana- The Heart of Bhajana

As I spoke to Srila Gurudeva yesterday , interestingly Gurudeva spoke about a concept rarely discussed. This again cemented my basic understanding that without the presence of a Siddha Guru in one’s life ; it is not possible to attain the ultimate goal “Krishna Seva Prapti”.

Dharana means “to hold in your heart”. The other english word could mean “Conception”. The moment we conceive something in our heart with deep emotion ; it becomes our conception. People afflicted with Maya also have conceptions and likewise they lead their lives and also experience ups and down based on “their conception of life” which is again based on hang over from previous life-times. 

However “conception” becomes singularly responsible when somebody is under the care of the Spiritual Master who has “seen Reality”. This Reality hands over a conception to him which he can easily transmit. In our Manjari Bhava Sadhana , Sriman Mahaprabhu has instilled the Manjari Bhava Conception which was never available to people especially in this Solar system. This is then transmitted through Parampara of the various parivaras. We can see that Manjari Bhava is not accepted by people based on certain ideas projected by earlier generations based on time , place and circumstances. Hence people following those other sects can never attain that rare Braja Bhava based Manjari Swarup. However those attached to the 6 major Parivaras of Braja have a live conduit of Dharana or conception that is transmitted from the hearts of Siddha Purushas who appear in that line.

In Bhajana we have Abhideya covered. The process is to hold the concept of Prayojana or ultimate goal and then perform Bhajana. Srila Gurudeva says that even the idea of the Swaroopa( given at the time of Deeksha and Guru Pranali) if held in the heart 24 hours in a day along with nama can do the trick. We may not sit in a place and have spend hours doing Bhajana. The conception if held deep within with the end result in mind will also trigger events that can take you to your goal or Prayojana pretty fast. He however maintained this process multiplies a 1000 times or even more if one is available in Braja Bhumi as one holds this conception, one can feel and experience ones spiritual body getting formed. Thus Dharana or mental holding of one’s swaroop is one of the most  important limbs of Bhajana. 

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