Gaudiya Geeti

Our Gaudiya Parampara is the epitome of sweetness. No other spiritual system, one that awards the sweet loving service of the Lord in this current age is as empowered as the Brahma-Madhva Gaudiya Sampradaya. The disciplic lineage is so empowered that one who gets connected with the Sampradaya with the single objective of achieving Love of Godhead easily gets it under the tutelage of a Sadhguru from this Sampradaya. It is the most benign and the most authentic sampradayas ever to be available on this planet. We in Kaliyuga are most fortunate where now this Sampradaya is now currently flourishing.

more_songs_of_the_vaishnava_acharyas_idf931Out of the many aspects of serving the Lord as included in the Sampradaya, the most effective way of service is Gaudiya Geeti. The Gaudiya Geeti represents the sweet melodious praises of the Lord and our own supplication to Him set to melodious tunes. These songs have been composed by devotee poets who have appeared in this parampara since the last 530 years since the advent of Sriman Mahaprabhu. Gaudiya Geeti is supposed to be sung in the original Bengali tune in the backdrop of Nabadwipa. The mood of the songs is that of humility and extreme separation. Gaudiya Geeti represents the mood of the poet who feels separated from the Lord and yearns to have an opportunity to serve Him. The various moods of the songs can only be experienced if one sings them in the way that are supposed to be sung rather than trying to set the tune to modern ways . Gaudiya Geeti is the most effective tool to melt the aspirant’s heart and if one takes up the practice of regularly singing Gaudiya Geeti , one will surely be blessed by the Lord and will be able to experience transcendental moods. Singing of Gaudiya Geeti in olden days was an essential aspect of Bhajana in the line of Sriman Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. When one renders the Gaudiya Geeti in the typical tunes in which they are composed one immediately gets transported to the kingdom of Bhakti and one is able to immediately experience transcendental emotions. When one understands the meaning of the songs and makes it a point to sing the Geeti as often as possible , the process of attaining Ruci( transcendental taste) and Asakti (transcendental attachment) is multiplied. The Gaudiya Geeti have been composed by stalwarts in the Parampara like Narottama Thakhura Mahasaya, Locana Das Thakhura, Vasudeva Ghosha, Bhakti Binode Thakhura and so on. Whoever sings songs composed by them will be a recipient of the Lord’s immediate attention. It is said that the Deeksha mantras and Hari Nama represent the form and pastimes of the Lord whereas the Bhakti songs composed by saints represent the transcendental moods of the Lord. When one sings these songs with a view to attracting the attention of the Lord will be surely successful. Nowadays it has been seen that a lot of theory on the Lord that is Tattva Katha is rendered. However in course of preaching if one focuses more on rendering the Gaudiya Geeti set to the original tune of Nabadwipa , the transformation of the heart will be almost immediate. One will be immediately attracted to the Bhakti Process. The tunes of the songs are different for different parts of the day. The morning tunes give the mood of the morning in Goloka , the evening tunes represent the glory of Goloka when Krishna and Balrama are back from the meadows and  remind one of the time when Krishna milks the cows and gets into Pavana Sarovara in Nandagaon. Hence when one is familiar with the Gaudiya Geeti, one can easily transform ones mundane moods to the moods of the spiritual realm.

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