0129-RG–Vishada Yoga 1.29, 1.30

Verse 1.29

Vepathushcha shareere me

romaharshashcha jaayate.

Gaandeevam sramsate hastaat

 twak chaiva paridahyate;


My whole body is trembling and my hair is standing on end. My bow called Gandiva is slipping from my hand and my skin is burning

Verse 1.30

Na cha shaknomyavasthaatum

bhramateeva cha me manah.

Nimittaani cha pashyaami

 vipareetaani keshava;


I am now unable to stand here any further. I am gripped by forgetfulness and my mind has become incoherent. I see misfortune everywhere, O Krishna, killer of Kesi Demon.

RG Purport:  When the mind comes under the sway of strong emotions, it is like a tree in the eye of a storm. Mind produces thoughts and when thoughts become very dense, they give rise to emotions. Material emotions are caused when someone is not proficient in the art of mind control. There are however two types of emotional outbursts. One is desirable and the other undesirable. It is the cause of the emotion which makes them desirable or undesirable. When one gets affected by situations in the material world of people, things and events, the emotion produces the symptoms mentioned in verse 29. Arjuna is a representative of the common living entity. Thus he is our representative. The emotions that he underwent are not appreciated. However the same emotions can be manifest when someone is gripped by Love of God. At that time these very emotions are desirable and it is the prayer of onlookers as to why one is not fortunate enough to undergo the same emotions. Then these very emotions represent the ashta Sattvika Bhavas. The appearance of the Satvikka Bhavas is very beneficial to the body and keeps the body free from diseases and lowers body temperature. On the other hand the symptomatic emotions of despondency are very harmful for the body. Arjuna feels like a rat overcome with emotions to such an extent that his great bow, the Gandiva is slipping from his hands indicating that at that moment he is unable to fight.

In Verse 1.30 Arjuna expresses the nature of his despondency and says that his mind has become muddled. In the human system, the mind is the seat of action. It is also the seat of sanity. Arjuna has been clearly able to identify that his mind is unstable , which makes him unfit for war because the mind is also the seat of emotions and that now Arjuna is caught in the tempest of negative emotions. Arjuna is also pondering over the result of war which makes him sway under the grip of emotions. He sees misfortune everywhere. He calls Krishna as Keshava or as the killer of Keshi demon. Krishna has many names and each name represents a particular Leela or quality of the Lord. The name Keshava represents the Lord as the killer of the demon; in this case Arjuna’s mind has become a demon which is eating up the intelligence of Arjuna. Hence Arjuna wants Krishna to kill the demon of doubts in the heart of Arjuna so that Arjuna is able to perform his duty as per Krishna’s wishes.

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