About Transcendental

This section of the menu is dedicated to transcendental humour. These are a collection of inspirational poems that have been composed in Braja Language. The language spoken in Vraja Bhumi today is known as Khadi Boli and not in its purest form.  During the great Bhakti movement renaissance poets like Surdas ,Ravidas and  Meerabai who belonged to the western part of North India composed transcendental humour in Braja Bhasha which was the language commonly used in this part of India during that period. Their counterparts in the Eastern parts of North India usually wrote in Awadhi Language which has commonality of many words with Braja Bhasha but differed in style, meter, mood an even meanings based on the context. Some poets who composed poems in Awadhi around the same period were Tulsidas and Kabir who belonged to the eastern part of the then United Provinces (U.P).

The current pages included in the menu (Transcendental) are a humble attempt to revive the transcendental mood of Bhajana in Braja Bhava. The direct English translation of the verses is also provided under the poem. However the entire mood of this transcendental humour will be revealed in the hearts of sincere sadhakas who take up Hari Bhajana in the Braja Bhava especially in the Gaudiya Vaishnava method.

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