Bhakti Tattva – Part Eleven

It is important that when one undertakes Hari-Nama, the Spiritual master changes one’s birth name and presents a spiritual name to the sadhaka. The old birth name of the sadhaka carries with it material vibrations because before undergoing samskaras at the hands of the spiritual master, the living entity was connected to mundane things. After undergoing Hari nama, one is given a spiritual identity by the spiritual master. This is like a new birth for the aspirant. It is very important to cast aside the old name and accept a new spiritual name so that spiritual vibrations abound the body and mind of the aspirant so that when somebody addresses the aspirant by the new name; the aspirant’s chitta is activated and becomes automatically responsive to spiritual vibrations.

Dabira Khasa and Saker Malik thus underwent a form of initiation by Lord Chaitanya who named them Rupa and Santana respectively. The Lord was intensely moved by their humility and asked them to cast away this humble mood. He further advised Rupa and Santana that having already accepted the two brothers; they are established servants of the Lord eternally. The Lord requested them to go back to their service and promised them of being employed by Him in a very special way at the appropriate time. When the assembled sea of humanity witnessed the mercy that the Lord showered on these two Rupa and Santana, they began to chant the Holy name of the Lord “Hari” “Hari” in chorus. The voices resounded thunderously in the entire area of Ramkeli. When the Lord empowers a certain Vaishnava all other Vaishnavas become extremely joyful and pleasant. In the world of Vaishnavism there is certainly no place for envy. A Vaishnava shows mercy on other living beings, those who are straight forward and innocent and reject or ignore all those living entities that are envious or jealous. A Vaishnava can only pray for the well being of such ill-fortunate jeevas but will not transact with them. A true Vaishnava is able to identify a jeeva who is envious even if the jeeva adorns the dress and design of a Vaishnava and keeps away from such people. The associates of the Lord such as Haridas Thakhura, Nityananda Prabhu, Srivasa Thakhura, Mukunda, Jagadananda Pandita, Mukunda and Vakreshwara Pandita were all present to witness the historic meeting of the Lord and the two brothers Rupa and Santana.

lord-chaitanyas-instruction-to-srila-rupa-goswamiAll the Vaishnavas assembled there joyfully congratulated the two brothers. The two brothers then expressed the respect of the Muslim king Nawab Hussein Shah to the Lord and yet asked the Lord to kindly depart owing to the fact that Yavanas were non-dependable by nature and they feared even a change of heart of the Muslim King looking at the massive developments at the spot where the Lord performed His Leelas at Ramkeli. The two brothers were knowers of Vedic injunctions and requested the Lord not to enter Vrindavana accompanied by crowds of such large numbers. They said that such processions do not fit the mood of pilgrimage. Since Lord Chaitanya was not human and the Lord incarnate ; He was not fearful ; yet since He demonstrated human like pastimes He took good note of the advice given by the two brothers.

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