0123-RG–Vishada Yoga 1.23, 1.24

Verse 1.23

Yotsyamaanaan avekshe’ham

 ya ete’tra samaagataah;

Dhaartaraashtrasya durbuddher

 yuddhe priyachikeershavah.


For I desire to observe those who are assembled here to fight, wishing to please in battle

Duryodhana, the evil-minded.

Verse 1.24

Sanjaya Uvaacha:

Evamukto hrisheekesho

gudaakeshena bhaarata;

Senayor ubhayormadhye

sthaapayitwaa rathottamam.


Sanjaya said:

Being thus addressed by Arjuna, Lord Krishna stationed that best of chariots, O

Dhritarashtra, in the midst of the two armies,

RG Purport:   Arjuna bore in his heart extreme pain and anger, having been cheated by the Kauravas headed by Duryodhana and then sent to forest in exile for 13 long years. The Pandava sons grew up in their maternal homes being separated from their parents namely Draupadi, Subhadra and the Pandavas. The Pandavas were put through untold ignominy under the leadership of Duryodhana through the unholy ploys of Shakuni. To top it all the Kauravas’ failed attempt of disrobing Draupadi in front of Pandavas had filled hatred in the heart of Arjuna. Hence he requests Krishna to take the chariot to the center of the battlefield to witness the supporters of the evil Duryodhana thereby referring the army of Kauravas. Arjuna was a skilled archer and it was the moral duty of Arjuna to request thus to Krishna because there was no surety of being able to see the Kauravas and their supporters at the end of the war. Thus a softer aspect of Arjuna is also visible in the verse along with that part of Arjuna which sought revenge. In the next verse the most important word is the addressing of Krishna as Hrishikesha and the addressing of Arjuna as Gudakesha. By this Sanjaya has implied many things to his king, friend and master the blind Dhritarashtra. Hrishikesha refers to the master of senses. This implies that Krishna is in perfect command. Gudakesha means one who has conquered sleep or one who has woken up from ignorance. Thus Arjuna is one who is awake and being controlled by Krishna. Sanjaya in a way has clearly indicated that even if there were to arise any confusion in the mind of the “awakened on” that is Arjuna, his senses will be controlled and led to perfect action by the master of the senses Sri Krishna.

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