Honouring Prasadam

Prasadam is Thakurji Himself. Both Krishna and Prasadam are non-different. This we all know as we do Krishna Bhajana. However in Raganuga Bhajana, the concept of honouring Krishna Prasadam goes a little bit deeper as compared to other systems of Bhakti. Especially people at the stage of Nishtha or steadfastness in devotional activity abide by a customized rule book which is in direct resonance with Braja Bhakti.

maha-prasadamPrasadam refers to any foodstuff or palatable preparation that is offered to Lord Krishna and His consort. It is a fact that when such foodstuff is offered; the Lord consumes the “Bhava” or devotional sentiment contained in that foodstuff; along with the foodstuff and again refills the foodstuff which has now become transcendental due to its association with the Supreme Personality. In Raganuga Bhajana; the devotees only and only consumes foodstuff that has been offered to Sri Sri Radha Krishna and no other deity form other than the divine couple. The mood of Radha Dasyam is so high that devotees find it impossible to partake Prasadam that has been offered to any of the expansions of Sri Sri Radha Krishna. The exclusive followers of Sri Sri Radha Krishna respect Prasadam which has been offered to all Vishnu forms including  Lord Ramachandra but do not consume it. This is because Prasadam is that aspect of the Supreme Lord that shapes the internal mood and consciousness of the devotee. Such devotees do not consume any foodstuff that is cooked elsewhere unless it is cooked and offered by devotees of Sri Sri Radha Krishna. This process maintains a steady mood of surrender and attachment to the divine couple. Although the Vishnu forms are non different from Nandanandana Krishna, they are the very same in tattva yet very different in terms of rasa or devotional flavour. A person who is soaked in Braja Rasa will never want to taste anything that does not contain the flavour or the mood of madhura rasa. Prasadam offered to deities of Balaji, Vaikunthatipati or Lord Ramachandra, contains within itself the mood of aishwarya or awe and reverence. Hence the devotee of the divine couple in the parakiya mood of service carefully avoids consumption of such Prasadam; although He has the highest honour for such prasadam.

In case the prasadam is offered to the eternal devotees of the Lord like Sri Hanuman, Sri Garuda or such associates, the devotee in the Raganuga path will want to follow their path of dedication and will want to get inspired in their mood in His specific sadhana to serve Sri Sri Radha Krishna. Under such circumstances; thinking about the mood of service, the sadhaka partakes just a “particle” of the prasadam and then honouring it; leaves the rest to be distributed. By this the Raganugiya devotee expresses his mood of surrender to the divine couple in the line of the eternal associates of various expansions of Lord Krishna. Thus it becomes utterly important for Raganuga sadhakas to be able to understand and appreciate the various forms of prasadam and honour it accordingly by which their mood of service to the divine couple increases manifold. This mood of honouring prasadam is particularly delectable to Srimati Radharani, the Queen of Braja who is happy with the one-pointed focus of the devotee towards the divine couple.

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