Basis of the Absolute

Kaliyuga is a very powerful Yuga. One way of looking at this Yuga is that this is an age where the personality of Kali is buoyant and thus considering the corrosive nature of the personality of Kali, everything in this age right from intelligence to intent everything is corroded. In other words none of the aspects of human consciousness is in order. This is the conclusion of the most elevated spiritual guide of this age, the Srimad Bhagavatham. Shastra or divine works of perfected beings that have walked the face of this earth is the base reference with which something intangible can be measured. The Shastra is the only barometer with which we can measure the quality of life on this planet and this is the only tool that can be used to understand the Prayojana or the Goal of all existence. To understand Shastra, our own puny contaminated consciousness is simply not capable. To understand Shastra we need to contact a perfected being in whose contact the mystery of the Shastra gets unravelled or demystified.

The tripod of Sadhu, Guru and Shastra is that which corroborates the validity of the “Perceived truth” as Absolute or otherwise. When one desires perfection, the Absolute simply responds and brings the aspirant face to face with Sadhu. Sadhu is the representative of the truth. It is our faith in the Sadhu and our capacity to surrender to the Sadhu as a representative of the Absolute that brings us close to the Absolute. The Sadhu becomes a gateway to understanding Shastra. When one’s intelligence is lit up with the oil of surrender and dedication, Sadhu and Shastra bring us in the presence of Guru or the perfect one. When one further surrenders in submission to the Guru, the floodgates of the Absolute sway open.

20_257Kaliyuga, according to the Shastra has a two-pronged facet; one advantageous and one disadvantageous. The disadvantageous facet of Kali is that it is the age of quarrel and hypocrisy and unless one endeavours in one’s heart to achieve all-perfection and toils to understand the nature of the Absolute through surrender and service, things lie absolutely disarrayed. However the advantageous facet of Kali is that we have the greatest scripture of Srimad Bhagavatham in written form which provides a one-step programme directly towards achievement of perfection. The Bhagavatham clearly states that “Krishnastu Bhagawan Swayam” . It states beyond any iota of doubt that the Absolute has descended in the most concentrated and condensed form as Sri Krishna. One who takes to the devotional service of Krishna automatically attains all perfection. The aspect of Bhagawan or the Absolute who is the possessor of the six opulence aspects of Ultimate Beauty, Fame, Wealth, Knowledge, Strength and Renunciation is the object of all perfection. It is thereof concluded that one who worships this form of the Absolute with total attachment becomes perfect. Since the aspect of Krishna is not directly there within one’s normal field of experience; when one serves a perfect devotee or the Guru as a representative of that Absolute Krishna, one simply attains perfection without any mental gymnastics or speculation. The aspect of Bhakti represents totality and all other aspects of perfection are simply subordinate to Bhakti. When one seriously takes to the service of the Supreme Lord Krishna through a bonafide system of devotee disciplic succession, one attains all perfection without much endeavour.

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