Harinam, Deeksha and Conception of the highest – Parivaras of Radhakund

Harinaam Samskaar: This is a terminology used by the Parivars. (The 6th Parivar I missed out is the Gadadhara Parivar which is popularly found in Radha Kunda, Jagannatha Puri and Nabadweep).During this process Srila Gurudeva hands over the Hari Nama by means of “Shabda Brahma” to the disciple

maxresdefaultDeeksha: The Deeksha mantras  are the deciding factor in one’s attainment of a favorable mood for the eternal service of Sri Sri Radha Krishna in the spiritual world. The Deeksha Mantras in the Parivaras are transferred to the heart of the Sadhaka through the ears or even through blowing of air on the eyes of the Sadhaka by Srila Gurudeva.There is usually no fire-sacrifice or other paraphernalia. This clears the vision of the Sadhaka. The Deeksha Mantras are the codified aspects of the divine couple and by mental repetition by the Sadhaka under the guidance of Srila Gurudeva ; the qualities, the form and the abode of the Lord is revealed. The Hari Nama is to be chanted in conjunction with the Deeksha Mantras based on the instructions given to the sadhaka by Srila Gurudeva.In the Parivara there are 2 sets of Mantras that are handed over to the sadhaka. The 1st set is a set of 12 mantras where 6 mantras represent the seed or Bija Mantras and 6 mantras are Gayatri. The moods of Nabadweep Leela are invoked by constant repetition of these mantras. The 2nd Set is a 

is a set of 12 mantras where 6 mantras represent the seed or Bija Mantras and 6 mantras are Gayatri.

The moods of Goloka are invoked by constant repetition of these mantras. The Seva Prapti or realization of one’s eternal nature happens by the mercy of these mantras , Srila Gurudeva is directly responsible for enabling these mantras. Only Srila Gurudeva has the key (by means of these mantras) to Goloka. Harinama is capable of granting some Rasa but the denomination of the Rasa is definitely not of the stature as conceived personally by Sriman Mahaprabhu!!

Siddha Pranali and Guru Pranali:  Both mean the same thing. This is an additional process injected into the heart of the surrendered disciple by Srila Gurudeva. The conceptualized siddha-deha or the eternal form of the sadhaka in the form of a manjari is given by Gurudeva. The eka-dasha Bhavas are given or the 11 attributes of that spiritual form is given to the sadhaka by Gurudeva. The Gurudeva may grant 3-4 attributes ; the other  7-8 attributes of the spiritual form will be revealed in the heart by the mercy of Gurudeva and the Bhajan Process. The Siddha Pranali is at best understood at the time of the Deeksha.

Technical standpoint of Siddha Pranali: 

 This is the in-depth answer to “Going back home ..Back to Godhead..where and how”?

The mind become truly spiritual after Srila Gurudeva transfers Deeksha. When one recites the Deeksha mantras by mind… divinity permeates all aspects in touch with the mind. The subtlest aspect of the mind is called chitta ; This chitta is the gateway to the spiritual world. The Deeksha Mantras are the key through which this limitless passage gets opened. Thus Gurudeva empowers us through Deeksha. The Siddha Pranali is a possibility. Just as we have a material body which is a vehicle in the material world. When Siddha Pranali is given( reference Prem Bhakti Chandrika) by Srila Gurudeva ; an unmanifested spiritual vehicle called siddha-deha makes its appearance which is eternal in nature. Gurudeva identifies this specific body for that sadhaka. When the sadhaka by the mercy of Bhajana / Sadhana invokes that eternal spiritual body and in course of time realizes the same before so-called material death approaches. There are two bodies that evolve ( One spiritual and one transcendental). One should not doubt this as per Narottam Thakura Mahasaya as this is what Sriman Mahaprabhu revealed. The first body is this material body which gets spiritualized by Sadhana. It is practical experience that when Sadhana is done under the guidance of Srila Gurudeva many symptoms (after Deeksha) arise which will exhort the spiritualization of this material body itself. In fact Srila Gurudeva says that immediately after Deeksha ; one must not consider this body itself to be material according to Sriman Mahaprabhu. This very body will be given to us time to time for Samsara Leela every time when we come back to the material for some higher seva; after having attained the state of Nitya Mukta through the process of Sadhana Siddhi( Seva prapti through Bhajana). The second body will be a transcendental body exclusively for the direct service of Sri Sri Radha Krishna once Seva-Prapti is attained by Srila Gurudeva’s mercy. The attributes of this siddha-deha is revealed by Srila Gurudeva at the time of Siddha Pranali.

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