Ecstatic Moods – Charan Pahari Leela

The mission of Sriman Chaitanya Mahaprabhu had already been decided even before His advent.Yet for the sake of Leela, Sriman Mahaprabhu had sweet transactions with His devotees. In that context even the Leelas in the jungle of Jharkhand had its resolution even much before the advent of Sriman Mahaprabhu. The Lord simply fulfilled that ecstatic Leela to set an example of the glories of Hari Nama. Even the meeting between Sriman Mahaprabhu and Sri Ramananda Raya was pre-determined as part of Leela. The Lord wanted to establish through his conversations with Ramananda Raya, the highest sadhana. Ramananda Raya was an established scholar and the world had full faith in his words. Hence the Lord wanted to establish the ultimate truth from the very mouth of His eternal associate Sri Ramananda Raya. The Lord thus established the original form of sadhana through these conversations. The conversation started with Varna Ashram Dharma; gradually the higher moods of the four rasas of dasya, sakhya, vatsalya and madhura bhava were established. Mahaprabhu did never directly accept fully any of the gradient philosophies that Sri Ramananda Raya put forth. The Lord only finally accepted and agreed that the highest was the mood of the Gopis of Vraja that is the “goal” zenith of a jeeva who is bound by Maya.

People who occupy the forest areas of Jharkhand are no less than animals in mood and are cut off from the actuality of human form of life. Mahaprabhu passed through Jharkhand on his visit to Vrindavana. He realized that it was the people of Jharkhand who deserved utmost mercy and that the jungle of Jharkhand is the place where He was required to shed maximum “kripa” or mercy. This was His mood. He also realized that the people of Jharkhand were so fallen that they would never know what Dharma is even with maximum effort. Avidya and stupidity in human nature was at its peak in the area called Jharkhand. They would never accept any Shastra because of limited intelligence. They are unable to differentiate between a fool and an intelligent man or even between what is right and what is wrong. However Sriman Mahaprabhu was convinced that if these people witnessed some miracle in connection with Bhakti then it can have some effect on the consciousness of the people in Jharkhand. Generally people who witness miracles consider a “Miracle” Man higher than God even. The goal of Sriman Mahaprabhu was to simply induce faith in Hari Nama in the hearts of the people of Jharkhand through a miracle. The Lord wanted to establish the greatness of the Holy name and also its effects.

b9d48da8d8cd080768cc8862f6ae2682Amongst animals the ones which revel only on flesh are the ones who have no connection with “sukriti “or activities in connection with Bhakti even in their previous lifetimes. Even amongst these animals there are various varieties who are degraded with respect to their connection with Bhagavat Dharma. The Lord drew near such deadly animals close to Him during the Leela and simply inspired them to take Hari Nama which was even impossible for human beings of lower categories to take. The Lions and tigers started roaring “Krishna” “Krishna”. The other animals were so much imbued in the nectar of Hari Nama that they became ecstatic in ways even unknown to the perfected devotees. When a trained monkey dances to the tune of the master, it cannot be called a miracle from any angle. The real miracle is that which makes the animal forget its own animal nature. The way the animals loved each other in the midst of the great tumultuous Sankirtana at the forest of Jharkhand was like the meeting of long -lost friends of eternity having converged. There was no distinction of species amongst the animals and it appeared that it was a congregation of Rasika devotees who chanted Hari Nama in the highest ecstatic mood embracing each other in divine rapture. This is the special power of the Holy name, that with which Sriman Mahaprabhu made the impossible happen. Sriman Mahaprabhu ordered the wild animals “Kaho Krishna” (Chant Krishna); the one who is the personification of the Holy Name orders to the animals of Jharkhand.

The animal propensity of all the animals in the Leela was destroyed at the moment the animals had the “darshana” (Divine sight) of Sriman Mahaprabhu. The Prarabdhas were destroyed instantly at the sight of Sriman Mahaprabhu. When one utters Krishna Nama once, mountain heaps of sin is destroyed. When the Nama is uttered for the second time one immediately attains Krishna Prema. This happened with the animals instantly. However this usually never happens with humans! The animals thus obtained Prema in a fraction by mere two repetitions of Krishna Nama. Humans rarely experience what the animals of Jharkhand experienced owing to a phenomenon called Aparadha. When one utters Krishna Nama, sin represented by tall mountains of cotton simply reduces to ash with a single spark of Krishna Nama. However Aparadha is represented by Stone Mountains. This cannot be destroyed so easily. When one hurts a Vaishnava it represents a rock of Aparadha which is very difficult to remove. Thus a devotee who commits an aparadha of this nature develops hard-heartedness denser than a rock. The fluidity of Bhakti can never flow in such a heart. When the Hari Nama falls like a hammer on such a heart, the hard-heartedness is such that the hammer bounces back with double force but does not succeed in smashing the rock formation in the heart of such a devotee. Sriman Mahaprabhu is merciful to even such beings and encourages them to take the Holy Name unabated. Just like a person attacked by jaundice finds sugar-cane juice bitter like bitter-gourd, yet the solution for jaundice is the consumption of sugarcane juice that will in time remove jaundice and restore sweetness in the tongue of the jaundiced; likewise a person harassed by Aparadha should continuously utter the holy name without break and one day that person will realize the nectar of the holy name, the hardness of his heart having been removed. Sriman Mahaprabhu , through the miracles of the animals of Jharkhand established the greatness of the Holy Name in the hearts of the residents of Jharkhand who were cut off from regulated living. Lord Sriman Mahaprabhu sometimes revealed His divinity at occasions where the obstinacy of human nature did not yield.

Sri Gurudeva has established a temple at that very Leela place Sri Charan Pahari , Kujju village at Ramgharh Jharkhand India. The site of the temple is representative of the Jharikhand Leela of Sriman Chaitanya Mahaprabhu with the wild animals. The wild animals attained Sri Goloka Dhama after their brief encounter with the Kaliyuga Avatara, Sriman Mahaprabhu. A million salutations to Srila Gurudeva who single handedly discovered this holy place about 20 years ago which was hidden from world view by the will of Lord Gauranga (Sriman Mahaprabhu).It is Srila Gurudeva’s benign wish that one attains the feet of Sri Sri Radha Krishna with the special mercy of Sriman Mahaprabhu through the process of Raganuga Bhajana and Sadhana as introduced by Sriman Mahaprabhu. Srila Gurudeva wishes that the devotees of Sriman Mahaprabhu get introduced to this specific spiritual process whereby one attains personal service of the divine couple Sri Sri Radha Krishna through the Gaudiya Vaishnava way based on the practices as followed by the original followers of Sriman Mahaprabhu represented by the 6 Parivaras or families under the Gaudiya Vaishnava tree. “Babaji” as we fondly call Srila Gurudeva is a representative of the Nityananda Parivara , a major portion of this parivara is found at Radha Kunda in Braja Bhoomi.

To reach Charan Pahari one is supposed to get to Ramgarh district in Jharkhand ,take the 4 Lane and arrive at Sri ram chowk and then one should go to kuju colliery No 3. That is the foothill of Charan Pahari.

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