Bhakti Tattva – Part Twelve

The Lord considered the two brothers’ statement and thought that it is indeed inappropriate to enter Sri Vrindavana Dham with so many devotees. Nowadays it has become fashionable for world renowned spiritual leaders to enter Dhama in large numbers. Although the intention is genuine, it is not appreciated with respect to rendering proper service to Dhama. One should avoid entering Dhama with too many people even if these people are considered to be devotees by any standard. One has to maintain the decorum of rendering proper service to the Dhama and carrying to many people at one time to Dhama is improper decorum.

lord-chaitanyas-instruction-to-srila-rupa-goswamiThe Lord then concluded that He would come to Vrindavana some other time with maximum one person along with Him to render service and that he should plan a visit next time , in this way His futuristic Vrindavana visit would be pleasant; thinking so the Lord took a dip in the Ganga and prepared to go to Nilacala. Walking thus towards Nilacala, the Lord visited the house of Sri Advaita Acarya at Santipura and remained in His house for seven days. Sri Advaita Prabhu then sent for Saci Devi who remained at Advaita Prabhu’s house for seven days and she prepared meals for the Lord during His stay at Santipura during that time. At the end of seven days the Lord took permission from His mother and the Acarya to leave for Jagannath Puri and also asked His followers to remain back as He proceeded to Puri. Baring two individuals the rest remained back. The Lord also invited the devotees to Puri for the car festival. The two people who accompanied the Lord were Balabhadra Bhattacharya and Damodara Pandita. After a few days of stay at Puri, the Lord left secretly at night for Sri Vrindavana Dhama with only Balabhadra Bhattacharya to accompany Him. He travelled through the Jharikhanda forest on His way to Vrindavana. This website is dedicated to that place in Jharikhanda where the Lord performed the Sankirtana pastimes with the animals at Jharikhanda.  The place where these magnificent pastimes manifested is in Kuju village of Ramgharh district of Jharkhand state. This place was re-discovered in current times by Param Pujya Sri Sri 108 Premadasa Babaji Maharaj about 25 years back.  This current website is dedicated to the services of Srila Gurudeva who broadcast the glories of the Jharikhanda leela of Sriman Mahaprabhu to the entire world.

From there Sriman Mahaprabhu later entered Sri Vrindavana Dhama. Owing to the transcendental ecstasy the Lord became overtly agitated. However Balabhadra Bhattacharya took great care of Sriman Mahaprabhu and led Him out of Mathura. After leaving Mathura, the Lord began to walk along the banks of the Ganges. He reached the holy place of Prayaga. It was here that Rupa Goswami met the Lord for the second time. Srila Rupa made prostrated obeisance to the Lord and the Lord embraced Him with great delight. After instructing Sri Rupa at Prayagraj for ten days, the Lord ordered Sri Rupa to go to Vrindavana. The Lord then returned to Varanasi. At Varanasi the Lord met Sri Sanatana Goswami. The Lord remained there for two months and instructed Sri Santana perfectly for two months. Sri Santana was then ordered by the Lord to join Sri Rupa at Vrindavana as he was sent by the Lord with perfect empowerment. In Benares the Lord bestowed His mercy on Mayavada sanyasis.

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