0141-RG–Vishada Yoga 1.41

Verse 1.41

saṅkaro narakāyaiva

kula-ghnānāṁ kulasya ca

patanti pitaro hy eṣāṁ



An increase of unwanted population certainly causes hellish life both for the

family and for those who destroy the family tradition. The ancestors of such

corrupt families fall down, because the performances for offering them food and

Water is entirely stopped.

RG Purport:  Dharma is well defined in the Shastras. There are two aspects of Dharma that are enunciated by the Upanishads and form the basis of one’s life on the earthly plain. One is the performance of Vedic rites and customs as defined in the Vedic texts which addresses the “Prakriti” aspect of the Supreme, the material nature. The second activity relates to satisfying one’s inner spirit as the giver of immortality which is prescribed in the Vedas relating to sadhana or uplift of the inner self. These are the sadhana vidhi (procedures) under the supervision of an adept spiritual master, one who has mastery over the matters of the spirit. Unless one serves “Prakriti” well, one will not be relieved to perform the second activity of sadhana for one’s own emancipation. Both aspects namely Vedic compulsions and performance of sadhana should go hand in hand. The rites and rituals connected with the performance of “Shraddha” or offering oblations to the departed souls in one’s family is an extremely vital aspect of serving Prakriti. If one does not serve Prakriti in this way, one is sure to be troubled in the process of one’s own redemptive activities. It is mandatory for one who is involved in material life to take up these purificatory activities and be aligned with Vedic civilization, failing which one is sure to face undue trouble in one’s life. If one does not perform activities under guidance, for the departed souls, the souls that have left the earthly plane in a bound condition will be bereft of food and water in their hellish conditions which is sure to pose trouble to the antecedents failing to perform rites. Unless one is established perfectly in Krishna Bhajana , after having renounced one’s worldly conditions emerging out of intense sadhana and renunciation , it is mandatory for each and every person to perform Vedic activities concerning departed souls , thereby giving them relief from their hellish conditions and at least invoking suitable calm materialistic conditions whereby one could perform unhindered Krishna Bhajana. When one offers Vishnu prasadam to the departed souls on a well calculated offering day, the departed souls in turn bless the performer with good health and suitable conditions for Krishna Bhajana.

Nowadays people taking up Krishna Consciousness letting go off all other Vedic activities although belonging to a lineage of Brahmanas, Kshatriya and Vaisyas on the pretext that in Kaliyuga, Vedic performances cannot be carried out owing to the deterioration of articles for Vedic performances or owing to a lower quality of priests. However this is an invalid argument. What is important is that one needs to continue to perform the Vedic rites as ordained in the Shastras in whatever capacity with the right attitude and bhava. One also cannot whimsically stop performing rites because one has taken up Krishna Consciousness. One may even put it on the spiritual master for having to forego of performing Vedic rites. Any reason forfeiting the Vedic rites on the pretext of Bhakti is detrimental towards the culturing of Bhakti itself. One who has not been steadfast on the path of Krishna Bhakti and who is prone to a flickering tendency should without fail carry out Vedic rites until Prakriti Herself grants one the discount of abstaining from performing such rites as a result of maturing in Krishna Bhakti. Only if Prakriti allows can one know the Purusa, Krishna, the in-dweller of all living beings.

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