Colours of Radha Kunda

One of the foremost Acaryas of our parampara Srila Visvanath Chakravarthypada says in his famous grantha Vraja Riti Cintamani that Sri Radha Kunda is Srimati Radharani in the liquid form. How did she attain this beautiful form? When Sri Krishna and Sriji, during the course of their eight-fold pastimes, came to unite at the location, out of sheer mellifluent ecstasy, they simply melted and Syama became Syama Kunda and Sriji became Radha Kunda and both of them united at the boundary of the two Kundas, this is the Sangama or the union at the place where the two ponds exists today.

radhakund 10
Sriji Kunda

One who visits these two Kundas during Vraja Darshana is most fortunate. Even if one may have visited all the Tirthas of the world but has not visited Syama Kunda and Radha Kunda, it becomes evident that such a person has wasted his valuable life and is devoid of devotion. Yet if there is another person who has not visited any other place of pilgrimage but has spent time at these two Kundas is the most fortunate of all living entities. Such are the glories of these two divine ponds that are verily the personified nectarine forms of the divine couple. One who takes bath in Sriji Kunda in the proper mood under the directions of a Rasika Bhakta, it should be realized that, her or she has been accepted in the group of Sriji in the spiritual world. Taking bath in Radha Kunda indicates that one has taken bath in Prema Rasa. This is the position of Sriji Kunda or Radha Kunda. One who wishes to serve the divine couple should spend time at the two Kundas and perform Sankirtana Yagna at the banks of the Kunda especially at the place where Srila Raghunatha Dasa Goswami, the crest jewel of the Six Goswamis of Vrindavana spent his last days in utter Viraha Agni (Fire of Separation) from the divine couple, the place where Bhakti Devi abounds to her fullest possible extent.

Srila Gurudeva explained to us about the various colours of Sriji Kunda, which most people all over the world are generally not aware of. The Kunda assumes deep colours, 6 in number during the course of the entire year and these colours are manifest in accordance with the eight-fold pastimes of Sriji and the Lord in the divine abode. Srila Gurudeva says that one will be able to understand what type of pastimes could be happening at the current moment simply by looking at the colour of Sriji Kunda. These colours are Red, Reddish pink, Black, Green, Milky, Gold. The colours also depict what services are being provided to the divine couple by the maid-servants at the time of Leela, depending upon the time of the day and the season of the year, during the day. Srila Gurudeva says that one who is able to understand the moods of Radha Kunda, the movement of her waters and the temperature of the water etc really understands Srimati Radharani in totality.

One who is able to identify oneself with the waters of this great pond is a Rasika Bhakta and a great lover of the divine couple. One who has connected one’s internal mood of Sriji Kunda has verily unravelled the fathomless depth of Bhakti and has transcended the modes of material nature. All glories to Syama Kunda, Sriji Kunda and Das Goswami.

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