Sambandha Tattva

Sambandha Tattva in the Gaudiya Vaishnava parlance is the basis of spiritual life. It is the aspect of our existential reality. Without Sambandha (relationship) there can be no existence here on this planet or in the Spiritual world. The material planet is the perverted reflection of the spiritual world. On the same lines all the relationships that exist on this mundane plane are the perverted reflections of our eternal relationship with the Absolute on that perfect plane. It is the same relationship with the Absolute that is getting reflected in our relationship with our parents, friends, servants and dear ones on this plane. The reflection of that eternal plane that is projected here is however not eternal and anybody who tries to strengthen the relationships on this plane by dint of “working through relationships” is simply bound to fail because these relationships are just a mirage of a forgotten relationship that exists elsewhere , not on this plane.

Sambandha Gyan (Knowledge of Relationship) is that aspect of spirituality that reminds one of those “real” but forgotten relationships with the Absolute. When we refer to Absolute, we are not referring to the energy or power but to the personified all-powerful Sri Krishna because a relationshipdivinerelatecan only be established with a personality and not with energy. The Bhagavad Gita is the reference manual that reminds the living entity of that original relationship. Unless one works on that original relationship with Krishna, all mundane relationships are bound to cause worry and pain. We should remember that unless one revives that forgotten relationship about which the Lord reminds us of in the Bhagavad Gita, there is no question of finding peace and harmony in worldly relationships. The process of earning our sacred constitutional position which is eternal is to dovetail all relationships into a single relationship; that is taking the position of servitude to Krishna. Our position with the so-called relatives of the world is a very temporary one; yet one can connect with our real relatives on this mundane plane through the medium of Krishna.

As one starts discovering true relationships on this mundane plane indirectly ; by first establishing a relationship with Krishna, through devotional service , one will observe that old so-called relationships which were based on illusion (devoid of Krishna) are bound to break and new relationships , eternal in nature will start to manifest. These relationships that are being talked about is the connection with Sajatiya devotees (devotees in the same mood as ours), where people from different walks of life come together by Krishna’s arrangement, tied together by His divine will. This is the Sambandha (connection) that the Lord manifests in conjunction to His service, a bond that will stand the test of lifetimes, bonds that are not dependent on karma or other unconscious phenomenon. Sambandha is that aspect of existential reality, that once formed can never wither or disintegrate but will continue to flourish with variegated flavours in the kingdom of the sweet divine couple, Sri Sri Radha Krishna. Sambandha Gyan can only be revived by a Sadhguru in one’s life. Once a living entity realizes one’s constitutional position with respect to the divine couple, Abhidheya, the spiritual process, begins.

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