Authentic Process

The authentic process for both self-realization and God-realization is the process that has been broadcast by Sriman Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and the Six Goswamis of Vrindavana. The process of Harinama and Deeksha by a God-realized saint, is the process of inducing a living entity to Higher Grace. One who submits oneself to the Spiritual Master immediately becomes eligible for higher attainment.


When the God-realized spiritual master gives Deeksha  to a living entity ,the entire being of the living entity gets spiritualized. The one who receives Deeksha is immediately empowered by Sriman Mahaprabhu. Deeksha entails sadhana. Sadhana involves chanting of various mantras like the Gopala Mantra and Sri Radhika Mantra. The chanting of the mantras is the process through which the aspects of the mind, body, intelligence and the chitta ( The aspect of higher intelligence) gets spiritualized. This is the process by which one gets eligible for Higher service. One may wonder as to what is higher service. Every living entity arrives in this world with many desires and many contortions and modifications of the chitta based on one’s karma. However the process of Deeksha simply nullifies all these aspects and establishes the jeeva in its pure form once the jeeva surrenders to the Sadhguru. The entire transformational process is initiated as one takes up sadhana based on the Parampara System. As soon as the jeeva accepts sadhana ,  the misgivings of the chitta is slowly destroyed and one is slowly established in one’s constitutional position as the servant of Krishna. The material ego is transformed into the Spiritual Ego as that of the servant of Krishna.

As the living entity furthers in sadhana , it is established in one’s seva in the material plane , the dharma , the original occupation that the Lord has assigned to the sadhaka. Such an occupation slowly emerges as one matures in sadhana. Till the living entity is relieved from the body ,the living entity continues with this seva as part of one’s sadhana itself. Such a seva will only be with respect to furthering Bhakti for the benefit of the suffering living entities. Such a seva will  be free from any selfish motives and for the spiritual good of all. It is the need and duty of every living entity to get established in sadhana and subsequently seva because such seva and sadhana will be for the ultimate benefit for the living entity.

There are lot of paths described in Vedic scriptures. One should know that the authentic  process of Raganuga Sadhana as propounded by Sriman Mahaprabhu and the six Goswamis of Vrindavana is the single-most and the only genuine path available for the living entity in this Kaliyuga.

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