World View God View

Plato said “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Beauty personified is Sri Krishna alone. So then when will one see Krishna in the world, the personification of the matchless? As we grew up we could see that this world is full of miseries. Everybody is filled with anxiety and stress. Everyone is in a mad race with no finish line. We also see that for a few years towards the late teens and early twenties of one’s growing up years, the world is suddenly filled with stunning beauty and passion and then there is heart-break and withering of that beauty which we thought would last forever. How do we account for the overlay of beauty and discord in one’s life?

The Shastras say that the world is Maya, the source of grief, discord and disruptive frenzy. Yet it also says that the source of grace and abundance, Sri Krishna co-exists somewhere within the entire spread of material consciousness represented by the physical world. It is to be understood that wherever our heart sees serenity or beauty in this world even if it is of passing-by value, it is a clear representation of Krishna. People say that when a teenage boy is getting attracted to a girl who eyes the boy with the corner of her eyes, it is the first signs of initiation of lust.Travel the world monument concept This statement is partially true. The reason is that anything attractive represents Krishna. The phenomenon may indicate lust which is on the bodily platform yet it is also divine because of the property of attraction. It is important for a serious seeker of beauty to view everything in the context of unadulterated emotion. If people seek beauty in voice, it is representation of Krishna’s musical side, the fifth note from His flute. When one butters one’s consciousness with the various attributes of Krishna, there is no possibility of seeing any distortion. The terrorists who are eliminating chunks of population in various parts of the world, is the design of the Lord to wash away unwanted population. Not a leaf can move without the sanction of the Lord. There is nothing negative about it. If there is famine, death, suffering or sorrow in the world, it is the initiation of transition of aggregate consciousness which will in time (between 50-100 years) herald attainment of new consciousness which is filled with the beauty of Krishna. It is only that Krishna abounds the world and no one else. The most positive aspect of Krishna is Srimati Radharani who occupies the heart of elevated devotees and the most negative aspect of Krishna is Kali, Durga or Candika who also have their own positive material attributes; who are involved with the cleaning of the world. It is transitional polarity from Maya to Krishna which gives the appearance of a world. However if an entity is perfected, that entity will only be able to witness Krishna in all the ten directions. He will see Krishna in the material and he will see Krishna in the spiritual. He will make no distinction between the material and spiritual. Such a being within himself is relieved from the clutches of Systems, Dogmas, Parampara, Belief Systems, Arguments and Opinions. Internally within the heart of such an individual the entire World View is Krishna View. Classifications of any kind do not exist for such a person. This is realization of Krishna.

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