Deeksha Insights – Part Two

A person properly surrendered to Guru after Deeksha performs the Abhideya or process following which ultimately one will live with Krishna in an eternal body. It is not that one will only become qualified to exist that way after one leaves the body. If the qualification were to appear after leaving the body, one may get entrance into Goloka and create disturbance. Pure devotional behaviour has to happen in the Guru’s presence on this planet and that also happens with the Lord’s grace. When one does not consider Sadhguru as belonging to the material planet and considers him equal to Bhagawan and serves accordingly one is immediately elevated to the platform of Uttama Bhakti. This is not an imaginary statement and in line with revealed Shastras.

The Deeksha mantras have to be kept secret and should not be discussed with anyone other than Sadhguru. The potency of the Deeksha mantra will purify one’s consciousness as one undertakes sadhana. Ideally the Deeksha mantra should be first chanted immediately after bath on an empty stomach. However based on specific instructions of Sadhguru one may chant Deeksha mantras several times a day without restrictions that normally go with other Gayatri mantras which are not directly related with Sri Krishna. Yet 0511-0712-2117-3628_praying_man_bent_forward_clipart_imageDeeksha essentially means development of transcendental sight (“Drik” root in Sanskrit means to see). This is non-different from obedience to Sri Guru. In the other sampradayas like the Tattvavadis Madhva or the Ramanuja Sampradaya Deeksha is mixed with Varna-Ashram dharma; however Sriman Mahaprabhu kept Raganuga separate from Varna-Ashram Dharma and propagated Raganuga and made the Deeksha process as an antecedent entry into Raganuga without importance to Varna-Ashram.

Deeksha entails divya Jnana and then it removes deep rooted sins and anarthas. The Deeksha mantra provided by the Sadhguru contains within it the encapsulated spiritual form of the aspirant; hence Deeksha mantra has the seed of the aspirant’s eternal swarupa. When one accepts Deeksha in the proper spirit, one remains always protected and will be free of all flimsy and frivolous tendencies. It denotes that now the aspirant will work every step in this world under the strict instructions of Sri Guru. There is no question anymore of karma, sins or independent action after Deeksha. This will only work completely if one is sincere and truthful at heart. As one obeys Sri Guru, the vijnana tattva of the Lord starts working within the aspirant and the aspirant will start developing the “Das” Ego; that one is only the servant of Sri Guru and Bhagawan. When one starts operating with this mentality; Bhakti Devi easily flourishes effortlessly. One will, by one’s transformed demeanour become an ambassador of Raganuga and attract other thirsty jeevas to the pure path of Raganuga Bhakti. This will in turn satisfy Sri Guru. A Sadhguru always wants his cherished disciples of engaging jeevas in the eternal service of Sri Praneswari by the Deeksha process. This mood if developed in the heart of the sincere aspirant will be the best service one can deliver to Sri Guru, Bhagawan and mankind.

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