Institutions and Bhakti

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“Jiver Swaroop Hoye Nitya Krishner Das” are the famous words of Sriman Mahaprabhu. This means that even if we are not aMahaprabhuware of it ; we are anyways the eternal servants of Krishna. A servant who is in search of his Master automatically comes to know when his master approaches him. Similarly when Krishna approaches the living entity ; the living entity becomes cognizant of his mas
ter even when the master has not manifested Himself in His original form. This is a fact.

When our heart resolves for Krishna seva prapti and forges ahead in sadhana ; no one can fool this eager heart. Though the terrain is unfamiliar ; the light of the Lord is still flaming from within and lights the path. Due to our past misgivings and distortions it is possible that for a temporary period there may be disillusionment and bewilderment of Maya Devi ; the Indrajal of YogaMaya Devi Herself. However this disillusionment works for the upliftment of the living entity because the living entity is sincere in its search. Most of the Institutions that serve as torch-bearers on the path of Krishna Consciousness ; one must realize that these have been established by the divine will of the Lord for the true upliftment and maturity of the soul.The maximum number of devotees of the Lord only emerge during Kali-yuga though this Yuga may appear unsuitable for Bhajana.These institutions introduce the living entities harassed by Mahamayadevi to the basics of Bhakti and serve the Lord’s purpose in a very big way. As the living entity progresses on the path of Bhajana it is observed that .. the more sincere the living entity gets ; things become more difficult. New truths are uncovered and the clearing of the dust from the heart’s surface poses heavier challenges than serve to relieve the burden of the living entity. This is the stage of acid test. Those institutions which appeared as our saviors turn into those which appear to devour our Bhakti Bhava. This is verily the nature of Yoga Mayadevi. These hurdles are to be crossed with intelligence and introspection. When the living entity places full faith on Sadhana resolving to attain Krishna Seva Prapti and nothing less; new doors are opened. No institution is good or bad ; all these are arrangements by the Supreme Lord meant to refine one’s Bhakti. When one outgrows the size of one’s favorite gown ; one simply has to get a bigger gown and make it one’s favorite while being grateful to the old gown!!

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