Stavavali- Krishna gets enamoured



Harir dṛṣṭvā goṣḥṭhe mukura gatam ātmānam atulaṁ

Sva mādhuryaṁ rādhā priyatara sakhīvāptum abhitaḥ

Aho gauḍe jātaḥ prabhur apara gauraika tanu bhāk

Śacī sūnuḥ kiṁ me nayana śaraṇim yāsyati punaḥ


Will my Lord, Sri Hari, who took the golden form and descended at Gauda as the son of mother Saci, after seeing the sweetness of His own beauty in a mirror in Vraja , eager to relish His unbounded sweetness as savoured by His girlfriend Srimati Radhika  cross the path of my eyes again?

Rasa Vyakhya (Purport of mellows): Srila Raghunatha Dasa Goswami , an eternal associate of Lord Sriman Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, composed a series of works and compiled them in bouquet of Prayers known as Stavavali. The first of these compilations is the work Sri Caitanya-ashtakam which comprises of 9 verses. Srila Dasa Goswami was perennially immersed in the mood of separation from Sri Sri Radha Krishna, doing intense sadhana, unparalleled in the history of the devotees, on the banks of the Radhakunda. tumblr_nkpmtt54vy1s0gs5so1_500Dasa Goswami would be normally immersed in loving union with Sri Sri Radha Krishna and there were times where he was flipped out of divine trance by the Lord for the benefit of devotees who are pining to get a taste of that nectar. Having being forced to separation Dasa Goswami would experience the pangs of separation. It is in this mood of intense separation that Dasa Goswami would compose these transcendental verses which are dipped in the pure honey of vipralambha bhava (the mood of transcendental separation). Dasa Goswami spent eleven years of his life in the transcendental association of our Lord, Sriman Mahaprabhu. He had witnessed the Gambhira Leela (Antya Leela of Chaitanya Charitamrita) of the Lord in Puri. He had seen the Lord in mood of intense separation from Sri Krishna having assumed the position of Srimati Radhika in mood. Srila Dasa Goswami is an intimate eternal associate of Sriman Mahaprabhu. He reminiscences the mood of our Lord Chaitanya who flooded the world with His infinite mercy and blessed the world with His divine presence. Sri Nandanandana was once enamoured by His own beauty while immersed in the Goloka Leela with his eternal girlfriend and devotee Srimati Radhika. He often wondered during those Leelas as to what type of ecstasy would Srimati Radhika be experiencing, after having seen His face which is so brilliant and sweet that He Himself is incapable of experiencing and could never imagine the nature of his own infinite beauty. He thus wanted to relish that sweet nectar that Srimati Radhika could drink but He Himself in His current form and mood could never relish. With a view to satisfy this eternal internal thirst that the Son of Nanda appeared as Sriman Mahaprabhu from the ocean like womb of mother Saci. Dasa Goswami weeps in separation of that benevolent Lord of Nadia who has now disappeared from the vision of the manifest world.

Srila Dasa Goswami was the perfect example of a devotee who had attained His “manjari svarupa”. He had attained the mood of an eternal maid-servant Rati manjari. Now he was restricted by the phenomenal world from disappearance as he wished to be in the service of His eternal mistress Srimati Radhika in the eternal realm of Goloka. There was no other wish that occupied the firmament of his purified consciousness. Srila Dasa Goswami was the epitome of anxious and intense devotion. Unless one follows the path of This Acarya of the Prayojana tattva in mood, there is no question of attaining one’s siddha deha. Commitment to the Prayojana is the only factor that will transfer one to the spiritual domain. Thus if one studies and submits to the works of Dasa Goswami, one will become an automatic candidate for the elevated moods prevalent only in Vraja Bhumi.

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