In Pursuit – Part Four

Only by the mercy of Srila Gurudeva who belongs to the category of rasika can a disciple enter into the realm of Rupa Goswami’s rasika poetry. These poems are the heart of Rasika Bhava Sadhana or the nectarine sweet mellows of conjugal pastimes of the divine couple. A person who does not, by grace and surrender enter the enchanting erotic conjugal pastimes, Srila Thakhura Mahasaya says, has wasted this golden opportunity being born in the human species. One should immediately so , surrender to a Rasika Sadhguru and under his tutelage develop keen interest in Rasa Sadhana or development of higher moods by which one can understand the sweet transactions of the divine couple. The abode of such pure devotion emanates from the toe nails of a perfected master. One therefore needs to immediately seek such a master and surrender to him.

spiritual-teacherAlthough one surrenders to such a Guru still becomes afflicted with many faults arising out of worldly transactions. One who does not toil to understand Guru Tattva in completeness is at fault and continues to commit serious offences although having surrendered to a perfect spiritual master. It becomes the duty of a disciple to cry at the feet of his spiritual master in deep earnestness to free him of all offences and one should become ever vigilant while carrying out daily chores during the course of one’s mundane existence. It is earnestness and heart-wrenching prayers delivered at the feet of Sri Guru that will absolve the sincere seeker of all offenses.

One has to be extremely humble while approaching Sri Guru. One should use sweet language and take every care not to transgress Sri Guru’s instructions. One who is thus ever vigilant becomes an object of Sri Guru’s special mercy or “vishesh kripa”. Even if the disciple is surrounded by vices, benign service to Srila Gurudeva will abdicate all such vices and cleanse the disciple. One who is truly surrendered to Srila Gurudeva will find colossal strength in the words of the Guru. Thakhura Mahasaya says that one who is thus attached to Srila Gurudeva reaches the Supreme goal of service to the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha Krishna in the divine abode of Sri Vrindavana. One who takes shelter of Srila Gurudeva after having accepted Hari nama and subsequent Deeksha into the Gopala mantra and Sri Radha mantra from him, the disciple receives knowledge about Sri Krishna, Bhava, Prema and rasa from Srila Gurudeva. The words that emanate from the mouth of Srila Gurudeva are elixir for the disciple who has been harassed by material nature. The sincere disciple carries the powerful words of Srila Gurudeva in his heart, words that are imbued with flavours of devotion to the divine couple, powerful enough to make one attain the Lord following which one loses all interest in material life and seek the Lord who is the embodiment of devotional mellows; harbouring no other aspiration in life. Such a disciple gets blessed by the samasti guru (The aggregate of all guru tattva which is a direct expansion of the Lord on the material plane); when this disciple feels deeply pained looking at the pitiable conditions of the jeevas being bound by Maya. The power of the samasti guru then manifests in the heart of such a disciple who has pleased his spiritual master and thus he himself becomes a rightful candidate to take up the responsibilities of a guru. He is thus qualified to take up the position of a bonafide spiritual master after getting sanctioned by his spiritual master or even directly by the Supreme Lord. The instructive words of such a Guru are endowed with tremendous force and potency and there remains no more room for any doubt.  Thakhura Mahasaya says that those who are thus yearning for Sri Krishna should keep the powerful words of Sri Guru in one’s heart and immediately renounce all other aspirations.

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