Six-fold Approach

The Six-fold Approach of the Gaudiya Vaishnavic thought towards achieving one’s Prayojana namely the spontaneous eternal service to the divine couple in the spiritual realm is

  • Humility
  • Dedicated service
  • Faith that Krishna is our only maintainer
  • Faith that Krishna is our protector
  • Avoidance of activities that are opposed to Krishna Bhajana
  • Acceptance and execution of activities that are favourable to Krishna Bhajana

chantingnearhutHumility: The journey of getting established in the basic tenet of humility is achieved only after one first surrenders to a Sadhguru in the disciplic line of the Gaudiya Vaishnavas. One has to offer one’s name, materialistic position and capabilities, one’s own view about oneself and the society at the lotus feet of the Sadhguru at the most rudimental level even before one begins the journey towards a sagacious understanding of humility. Attaining real humility will happen as one sheds away one’s psychological attire at the feet of Guru through surrender and receptivity. Humility represents the highest ideology of “knowing” one’s position in comparison with the Absolute and His magnanimous creation. Humility in an aspirant is the aspirant’s own yardstick to measure his closeness to Krishna. The aspirant cannot simply fake humility.

Dedicated Service: Only a humble aspirant is qualified for dedicated service. Dedicated service is the beginning of a life of Krishna Bhajana. Admission to the domain of Krishna is indicated by dedicated service to Guru and Bhagawan. The dedicated service can only be performed with the will of the Sadhguru. Any person who performs “service” based on one’s whims without the proper permission of Sadhguru cannot be regarded as service. Dedicated service is the transmutation of one’s ego into the higher self through the agent of Sadhguru.

Faith in Krishna as our only maintainer:  A person who is dedicated in service will be able to feel Krishna’s presence in one’s life wherein one’s state of consciousness will undergo metamorphosis. Such a person will be able to see Krishna in all his activities at all levels of thought, word and deed. Faith in Krishna as one’s maintainer will emerge as one interacts with one’s Sadhguru and follows his instructions closely. Krishna in the heart will reveal Himself gradually and awaken higher intelligence. One will be able to access Krishna as one’s internal guide and will mature as a dependent on Krishna for all of one’s needs in this world and the world hereafter.

Faith in Krishna as our protector: One of the glaring symptoms of a person engaged in Krishna Bhajana is the appearance of utter fearlessness in one’s life. A devotee is defined as a person who relies on the Absolute as one’s sole protector. Even under life’s most threatening conditions, a Bhakta is devoid of all fear and is able to see the Lord’s benediction in all situations.

Avoidance of activities that are opposed to Krishna Bhajana:

A devotee will avoid any contact with activities that are not connected with Krishna Bhajana. The basis of consciousness is the predominance of a certain mode of emotion which supports that consciousness. Even when a devotee is exposed to any situation which is not related to Krishna directly; the devotee will be empowered to view the situation in relation to Krishna. For example a devotee who is steadfast in Krishna Bhajana may well be an employee of a company. He may be invited to a party in office where there is consumption of liquor and non-vegetarian food. He may be required to attend the same out of compulsion given the situation. When such a devotee is able to relate this situation to Krishna, keeping away from the prohibited items that do not support Krishna Bhajana, he may still attend the party with a higher understanding of Maya Devi’s working and how he has been protected by Krishna. Thus through higher understanding the devotee has viewed the entire situation from the angle of Krishna consciousness.

Acceptance and execution of activities those are favourable to Krishna Bhajana:

A devotee always finds means to engage himself in Shravanam, Kirtanam and Smaranam. Associating with Guru and Vaishnavas and finding every opportunity to serve Guru and Krishna directly or indirectly is the highlight of a devotee who is serious about Krishna Bhajana.

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