Anarthas Q/A – Part Two

Q.What does Bhajana Kriya actually mean?

A.Bhajana Kriya really means service to guru.If one is not sure what services to render , one should humbly approach the spiritual master and take specific instructions from him. This is the most important aspect of Bhajana Kriya. The process of Bhajana Kriya does not even start unless one has surrendered to the Guru and taken “specific” instructions. Chanting the holy name is an auxiliary activity other than following instructions of the Guru and chanting the holy name is an implicit function of Guru Seva itself. One should not differentiate between bhajana and seva. Both are intrinsic in Bhakti. The highest conception is that people who are directly following Guru’s instructions “As It Is” need not do any other sadhana.

Q.Does one purify anarthas and karma during a dream?

A.A person who has accepted a Spiritual Master and undergone both Hari nama and 21876-waves-forming-a-heart-1680x1050-abstract-wallpaperDeeksha and practises sadhana based on instructions given by the Sadhguru may get purified of anarthas and karma through dreams. It is possible that even after surrender , the “bija” or seed of karma , karmic propensities and aprarabdha (futuristic karmas) linger in one’s heart because it is deep-rooted. However as one surrenders every thought to Srila Gurudeva and performs Bhajana with “Nishtha” ; these sticky anarthas leave the heart through the medium of dream.

Q.Is one conscious about disappearance of anarthas?

A.When anarthas leave the body one becomes aware of this however subtle the movement of consciousness is. Some of the symptoms that establish that Bhajana Kriya is being carried out properly and anarthas are leaving is that ; the person develops happier moods throughout the day. The level of irritation and frustration comes down drastically. One feels self-sufficient at all times and is enthusiastic of performing Bhajana for longer periods. One’s guru Nishtha is increasing with time. One is averse to external food stuff and unoffered food. Even when honouring prasadam ; the consciousness of the person performing good Bhajana Kriya becomes sensitive to the taste of prasadam and is able to detect the consciousness of the person who prepared prasadam. One prefers to have prasadam only at home prepared with perfect consciousness. One in whom anarthas are less does not like to interact even with too many devotees ; leave alone general people.

Q.Is there a way by which anarthas can weaken?

As one engages in Seva under the instructions of Srila Gurudeva ; anarthas start manifesting; this is because our practice of anarthas are beginningless. We are naturally tuned towards anarthas and averse towards service. If we develop a mindset that “Service is our life-line” and then develop a liking for service putting our heart and soul into the service ; the anarthas will be forced to leave. If we continue this service with rock-steady rigor ; the new samskaras of the service will be stronger than the anarthas and thus we can get established in devotional activities.

Q.What is the root cause of knots in the heart or deep rooted ignorance?

A.The root cause of knots in the heart or knots in the mind is our sense of identification with the body and the unconscious way in which we approach things related to Bhajana. One should be ever conscious in activities related to Bhajana and one should submissively inquire from Srila Gurudeva ; the secrets of Bhajana and thus free ourselves from the knots of the heart and mind.

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