Shishya and Sadhaka

It is very important to understand the terminologies with respect to Sadhana if one is to pursue sadhana in all seriousness. The Sadhguru is very important in the life of an aspirant when an aspirant is committed to attaining perfection. However the aspirant can assume two attitudes once he is under the tutelage of a Sadhguru. Either he can become a Shishya or he can assume the role of a Sadhaka while pursuing the higher goal.

A Shishya is one who is like a child ever seeking the mother. A shishya is a novice in Sadhana and is entirely dependent on the Sadhguru’s physical presence. The Sadhguru has to nurse the Shishya all the time since the shishya is not adept in the science of sadhana. The aspect of sadhana being very weak, the shishya has to seek the continuous guidance of the Sadhguru. There is inherent immaturity in the Shishya which has to be worked upon by him considering the fact that the Shishya is weak in spiritual practices.

It is important for the Shishya to develop as a Sadhaka. This can only happen when the Shishya focuses on the spiritual practices given to him by the Sadhguru. When the Shishya focuses on the spiritual practices and relies on the spiritual practices themselves for his growth , he matures as a sadhaka. haridas-copy1-243x300A sadhaka is one who realizes the Samasti Guru. The Sadhguru who is the form of Vyasti Guru is realized by the Sadhaka as the universal Guru within his heart. The Sadhaka commits himself to the spiritual practices and only discuses internal realizations with the Sadhguru. The Sadhaka becomes a fit candidate of becoming a Shiksha Guru considering the fact that the Supreme Lord connects with him by the grace of the Vyasti Guru and the Samasti Guru. A Sadhaka is matured and does not rely on the theory of Shastra. The Sadhaka is verily the one who realizes the deeper truths of the Shastra and implements the principles in his personal life. By divine arrangement , the sincere Sadhaka is appointed by the Lord for directing other aspirants who are seeking higher guidance.
The Sadhaka is in continued connection with the Samasti Guru and the Sadhguru empowers such a Sadhaka with all benedictions for higher attainment. It is the duty of the Sadhaka to guide people on the platform of Shishya towards higher pursuance so that they can also be installed on the platform of a Sadhaka. A Sadhaka relies completely on the Samasti Guru and gets guided to take up spiritual practices which can be recommended to other aspirants. In the leela of Sriman Mahaprabhu , the Six Goswamis of Vrindavana are the ideal Sadhakas. All the Gaudiya Vaishnavas follow the teachings of the Six Goswamis. Success in spiritual life can be only guaranteed when one matures as a sadhaka. For a Gaudiya Vaishnava it is important to chant the Beeja Mantras after Deeksha in addition to Hari Nama. One has to take up fixed number of chanting of the Mantras as one’s most important task as part of one’s sadhana. The more one chants these Beeja Mantras , the faster one develops the mood of a Sadhaka.

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