Narrower the better-Sajatiya

In one of my earlier posts the topic of Narrowing down boundaries of the mind so that we can focus only on deep rooted aspects of Bhajana, was discussed. In this post there is a further elaboration on the association that we need to keep when we become utterly serious in the process of Raganuga Bhajana which is more rigorous than any other forms of Hari Bhajana.

We already discussed that one needs to take shelter of a Sadhguru and be utterly committed to his instructions. When we attach ourselves to the principles of attenuating ourselves from unwanted elements that hinder our mood elevation, we should strictly 38509996keep the company of God-siblings (Initiates of the same spiritual master as one). This too one should note, should not be on a frequent basis. Except the Spiritual master one should consider all other association as disturbance of varying grades in Bhajana. This however does not discount association all together. Sajatiya interaction is useful to understand obstacles in Bhajana with respect to others who are as serious in Bhajana as one’s own selves. If this commitment is not seen in others one should strictly give up association with even God-siblings and should meet up with them only in the presence of our Spiritual master. Associating with serious Sajatiya devotees may open up various avenues in Bhajana where one can learn from each other as to how one can focus one’s consciousness to the attainment of the Manjari Bhava and qualify oneself fully as the hand-maid of Srimati Radharani. One can in such meetings discuss one’s own shortcomings with utmost sincerity and transparency and discuss means of furthering Bhajana. When meeting amongst Sajatiya one should avoid all duplicity and shed away all inhibitions of superiority or inferiority as the case maybe. As one pours oneself in such interactions one should avoid any discussions on personal shortcomings. However one may discuss obstacles on a generic platform avoiding allegations on a particular person with regards to weaknesses. One should constantly strive to elevate one’s consciousness so that one’s mind is nourished to breed only on the transcendental pastimes of Sri Hari. One has to spend enough time on Ekanta Bhajana or Bhajana in solitude so that one may develop enough strength of mind to keep away distractions.

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