The Supreme Lord is the creator of all that is conceivable and also the inconceivable. This is a true statement of the Srimad Bhagavatam. One of the names of the Lord is “Sarveswara” or the Lord of everything that can be. Thus the Creator and Creation are to be seen as two sides of the same coin. One comes to know the glory of the Creator through His creation. Respect for the creation itself qualifies one to know the Creator.

trustcreatorIf someone says that the world is a “bad” place and adopts a repulsive approach to creation while trying to establish a direct connection with the Creator Sri Krishna, is an outright hypocrite. A person who is in harmony with the creation of the Lord is only qualified to know the Creator and develop love for Him. Thus the acceptance of the world and its working without malice of any sort towards it will uplift the devotee towards its Creator. The aspect of “Trust” is that acceptance of the world although one may not indulge in worldly activities in the mood of enjoyment of the world. This trust in the world represents one’s true spirit of surrender to the Lord.

The material world which is without is the representation of the Lord Himself.  Although the aspect of Maya is predominant in the world, if one views the world in the spirit of surrender, one will be able to connect with the Lord’s true nature. Trust is the innate characteristic of a devotee. A person who does not trust fully cannot be a devotee. Trust is always laid on the higher aspect of intelligence which operates equally in both the animate and inanimate world. A devotee is one who depends on the Lord knowing well that it is the Lord who is one’s maintainer and that it is only the Lord who is one’s protector. When one “realizes” this fact, one will develop genuine trust on the world which poets have often described as fickle and untrustworthy. Realization of universal trust is not merely an intellectual exercise but comes with dedicated service towards Godhead. It is the Lord who will confer the virtue of trust on a true aspirant. One who trusts a thief and a cheat, who have been identified by the society in that manner, is a devotee of the highest order.  The highest realization emerges out of a whole hearted acceptance of society and yet maintaining one’s integrity of sadhana and bhajana without indulgence. A devotee who does not trust is yet to develop. Only if one develops a free-flowing calibre is qualified to taste higher rasa. Our trust in the goodness of all life is the same as our trust in its Master.

A devotee who trusts has mastered the secret of life and has discovered the presence of Krishna in everything around him. Harmony is the result of this trust and a person who has surrendered to the Lord by truly trusting is on the platform of absolute fearlessness. Such a devotee has transcended material limitations of all kinds and ascended the perfect platform of higher experience.

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