0115-RG–Vishada Yoga 1.15

Verse 1.15

Paanchajanyam hrisheekesho

devadattam dhananjayah;

Paundram dadhmau mahaashankham

 bheemakarmaa vrikodarah.


Hrishikesha blew the “Panchajanya” and Arjuna blew the “Devadatta”, and Bhima, the Great eater blew the great conch, “Paundra”.

RG Purport: The Lord here is addressed specifically by Vyasadeva as Hrishikesha or as the master of the senses. In a normal materialistic situation, individuals take charge of their senses and hence the individual and the buddhiḥ of a materialistic person is contaminated, his actions and the result of action are not in the best of the interest of the doer. Thus an individual who has not controlled his buddhiḥ and senses is compared to an insane person. Only a person who connects with Hrishikesha can purify his senses because such a person is surrendered to the actual master of the senses Lord Krishna. Such a surrendered soul need not worry about surviving in the material world. The instrument of one’s body then gets directed by the Paramatma and all suffering for such an individual will come to an end. The five Pandavas represent the five purified senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. Having come in contact with the Lord, these five brothers are completely surrendered. Arjuna is Dhananjayah who has victory over wealth. Arjuna is the son of Indradeva and has been instrumental in generating wealth for the new nation formed by the Pandavas which has its name as Indraprastha. Moreover wherever there is Krishna, there is wealth and wealth can only stay on the side where there is Krishna. The chariot of Arjuna represents the fire of “Sadhana” or spiritual practice, the chariot having been granted by Agnideva. A living entity who surrenders the reins of his intelligence and senses in the hands of Krishna and seats himself comfortably behind and rides on the chariot of Sadhana practices is sure to cut through the disturbances of material life represented by the Kaurava fold and reach the end destination of the Spiritual realm. The Pandavas blow their battle conches after Lord Krishna blew his conch Panchajanya.  Bhima is addressed as Vrikodarah or the one who has an unimaginable appetite.  Bhima’s presence is the Pandava fold indicated that he could simply eat into the Kaurava camp, defeating the enemy for Bhima was as easy as consuming food.

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