Summum Bonum of Gaudiya Vaishnavism


We have only one aim when we worship Vraja-ras – and that is to relish Sri Krishna‘s sweetness, which is like a colossal upsurging ocean. We are tiny living beings and even if we reach the stage of prem, we can hardly relish a drop from that ocean with our miniscule love. 146520srimati20radharaniBut if some tremendously powerful person can relish the entire sweetness of the almighty Sri Krishna with Her all-powerful prem, and mercifully She lets us also enjoy the entire delicious sweetness that She has relished, then it will be perfection for us. Then we will indeed feel blessed and our worship of Vraja-ras will be completely successful in all respects. However, to gain this bounty we shall have to surrender unto Her lotus-feet.

Sri Krishna says in Sri Chaitanya-Charitâmrita – ―My sweetness is wonderful, infinite and absolute. Nobody in the three worlds can conceive it. Râdhikâ alone completely relishes this nectarine sweetness due to Her prem.‖ – (C.C.)

All the sâdhaks who take the shelter of Srimati Râdhârâni in the mood of sakhi-manjaris – She enables them to relish the entire Sri Krishna-mâdhuri, since She is a fathomless ocean of compassion. Sri Chaitanya-Charitâmrita throws light on this – ―Srimati Râdhârâni is the wish-fulfilling creeper of Sri Krishna-prem, while the sakhis are its leaves and flowers. If we water the creeper with Sri Krishna‘s nectarine talks, then the leaves and blossoms feel more joyous than the creeper itself.‖ – (C.C.)

The mahâjans say that we can hardly appreciate Sri Krishna‘s sweetness without surrendering unto Srimati Râdhârâni – “Whoever rejects Sri Râdhâ‘s service and tries to gain Sri Krishna‘s association, wishes to enjoy a full moon without it being a full moon night. Those who do not know Sri Râdhâ – alas! – in spite of getting an enormous ocean of amritam they are able to savor hardly a drop!‖

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