Moods of Braja Nishtha

Srila Gurudeva is the most significant aspect of Bhakti especially in Rasika Bhakti or Raganuga. Then comes the significance of Braja.Though Braja is the single most important aspect of Seva Prapti , most times we do not understand the utmost significance of Braja Bhoomi. It is mentioned in the Garga Samhita that Srimati Radharani had to undergo a 100 years separation from Sri Nandanandana owing to a transcendental curse implied on Her by her own dear brother , the Lord’s own intimate friend Sridama. When the Lord approached Her to help Him satisfy the wish of Sridama , Sriji (Radharani) replied “I will not enter a place where there is no Goverdhana, No Yamuna and No Vrindavana”. So the Lord specifically had to summon these transcendental entities to appear on Earth. 

146520srimati20radharaniSrimati Radharani is not interested in anything else other than entities attached to Braja Bhoomi. As the followers of Sriman Mahaprabhu, it is very imperative that one should develop this intense mood towards Braja Bhoomi and get attached to Braja in a very intimate way.We being “baddha jeevas” , we have never ever known what Srimati Radharani is and what Her transcendental love means. That mood of Srimati Radharani is beyond the scope of even the highest spiritual wisdom. So how is it possible that we experience the same mood of being attached to Srimati Radharani. This appears to be the greatest paradox and in fact it is also a fallacy to be able to attract the special love of Sriji through any mundane means.

So there is a provision by the Supreme Lord whereby we can attain this Love for Sriji. I deliberately do not use the phrase “awaken this love”. Many people and institutions say that this love is already there and that this is dormant love. There is Love in our heart that is dormant no doubt ; but the Braja Bhava is to be “attained” only through the heart of a Rasika devotee of “Braja” , through Braja Bhoomi itself;hence awakening this Love from dormancy is out of question ; the very fact that we have never existed in Goloka is adequate testimony for not ever possessing that love!!

There have been many tales of Babajis in books like Saints of Bengal and Saints of Braja where the saints have displayed unparalled love for Braja by which they were able to taste Prema or Love for Sriji. Since Sriji today is out of our direct field of experience ; it is much easier to get attached to some object within our field of experience and when we develop such a high mood of attachment while serving Braja ; automatically Sriji’s Love  is bound to manifest in our field of experience just by getting attached to a place “Braja”. Braja Nishtha simply reflects one’s undying thirst to serve and Love Sriji and thus attain Her unprecedented Love. There is simply no other way to please Her!!

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