Our Ultimate destination

When we undertake Hari nama from a God-realized master of the Gaudiya Paramapara we have this surety that we are not orphans any more. That the Supreme Lord has designed for us eternal life from where there is no more fall. One who has taken Hari nama from such a master has to firmly bear this in mind and perform unabated Sadhana. When by divine arrangement ; one attains “Deeksha” or one attains the Gopala Mantra and Kama Gayatri along with the Radha Mantra and Radha Gayatri ; one becomes immediately eligible to enter the transcendental plane of the Nitya Leela of the divine couple. The Sadhaka Mantras of the Nabadweep Leela when performed properly makes us eligible to enter the transcendental Leela of Sri SRi Radha Krishna. Our Sadhaka bodies become fully spiritual when sadhana is performed in the ecstatic mood of union with the divine couple ; with the intent of serving them in their utmost clandestine pastimes in the most secretive whorls of the transcendental Lotus of divine Vraja Bhoomi.  

One’s Bhajana has to be performed in the most ecstatic moods obliterating anything that is material in our consciousness. Maybe that our families do not understand our sadhana. Maybe there are challenges in our work place and so on..our one-pointed focus should be on attaining Vraja Bhumi with laser-sharp intent ejecting out all that is detrimental to our sadhana. Our love for Gurudeva in the mood of Service is the elixir that spruces our latent verve to attain that which is unassailable. That Vraja Bhumi is not far. It is very close. We feel it is so far!! That is simply our conditioning. When we pray to Sri Gurudeva in our hearts ; we will see that we are  infused with new energy to raise our consciousness and strive to attaining our “Siddha” Sareera and then in that mood serve Sri Radha Krishna in our hearts. When this practice reaches its peak ; this Smaranam of Service will transform into “transcendental reality”. Let us all encourage ourselves and other jeevas ( who are seeking) towards this “easily achievable” and yet ultimate goal beyond which there is nothing more to achieve!!

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