Transactions in Prema

Srila Gurudeva says that the material world is the platform for attaining perfection. Only a jeeva who has attained perfection in all respects to the satisfaction of Sadhguru can enter the spiritual domain of Sri Sri Radha Krishna.  Vaishnava etiquette is the basis of the mood of the Vaishnava. By submitting ourselves completely to the Sadhguru in the parampara, one begins one’s journey to attain perfection. The process to attain perfection is to become sensitive to the mood of the Sadhguru and humbly follow his mood. This is the simplest and the easiest means to attain perfection. One may not necessarily follow the Sadhguru in outward mannerisms but it is necessary to understand the internal aspects of the intentions and expectations of the Sadhguru in all respects.

PremaTranIf one is not equipped with the necessary mood in the beginning, one has to submissively enquire from the Sadhguru as to what will make him happy and how one can endeavour to understand the mood of the Sadhguru. Associating with Vaishnavas is an important component in the process of development of Prema. The Vaishnavas in the Parampara are all aspiring manjaris whose spiritual forms have been established in the spiritual realm by the mercy of Sadhguru. Hence in our transaction with Vaishnavas one has to retain the mood of service to the associates of the Lord. One has to be careful in differentiating between Sensitivity and Sentimentalism especially in the context of Vaishnava Seva. Vaishnava seva is the most important limb of Bhajana. When there is sensitivity inculcated in our transactions with Vaishnavas, the other limbs of Bhajana such as chanting, hearing and remembering are strengthened multi-fold. Mahaprabhu has indicated three items in connection with Bhajana; they are Jive Doya, Name Ruchi and Vaishnava Seva. The mood of the Vaishnava should be to think about others; to pray for their seva to Krishna and Guru; to chant the holy names of the Lord in a humble mood and to serve Vaishnavas to please them and thus please Krishna because Krishna is only pleased if Vaishnavas are pleased. If one tries to please Guru and Krishna but neglects Vaishnavas, such service is not acceptable to both Guru and Krishna and all such efforts will be rendered useless.

The mood of service of a pure devotee is always Sri Guru first, the Vaishnavas next and then Krishna; in that order. However when this mood is practically implemented, the service of Vaishnavas takes precedence, after this Guru is served and service to Krishna is rendered at last. This is because one realizes that Sri Guru is the summum bonum of all Bhakti because he is the personified representation of Krishna. However we notice that unless Vaishnavas are served with humility; Sri Guru can never be satisfied. After this when Guru is served he becomes satisfied and looking at the Vaishnavas and Guru happy; the Lord is automatically satisfied. Guru and Krishna can never be satisfied if Vaishnavas are not served with humble disposition. The aspect of “Jive Doya “ necessarily means that unless one develops the mood of giving Krishna to others even at the cost of one’s own “pratishtha” (falsely self-conceived position) and comfort ; one can never be accepted as a practising Vaishnava by the Lord in the way that is satisfactory to Him. Yet one has to serve Vaishnavas through the channel of the Sadhguru and never independently. As aspirants one is on a learning path and should take guidance from Sadhguru. As one matures on this path; the Sadhguru will then inspire the practitioner from the heart as Caitya Guru. When the practices of serving Vaishnavas are thus perfected after due verification from Sadhguru; the practitioner is automatically established in perfection. This will thus qualify the practicing Vaishnava to enter the spiritual domain without much endeavour.

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