Instructions to the mind

Devotional life is attachment to Krishna. One practices one’s attachment to the Lord as Sadhana. However as we practice, if we are truly observant we see that we want the world to follow us in our journey to Krishna. This is not a possibility in Krishna Bhajana. A film song of yester years written by the great Muslim lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi (Movie: Chitralekha 1964) exactly tells us why we should avoid getting attached to the world of forms (material world). Discussed below is the original Hindi Lyrics, Its Translation and Purport. It will be worthwhile to absorb these contents to constantly get reminded that our journey to the other-world is in solitude and that there is no question of any company.

Lyrics: Man Re…

Man re tu kaahe naa dhir dhare…. (1)

Wo nirmohi moh n jaane, jinakaa moh kare…. (2)

Is jiwan ki chadhti dhalati dhup ko kis ne baandhaa…. (3)

Rang pe kis ne pehare daale, rup ko kis ne baandhaa…. (4)

Kaahe ye jatan kare, man re … …. (5)

Utnaa hi upakaar samajh koi jitanaa saath nibhaaye…. (6)

Janm-maran kaa mel hai sapanaa, ye sapanaa bisaraa de…. (7)

Koi n sang mare, man re … …. (8)

Translation and Purport:

(1) Oh Mind why do you not have resilience. You are an integral part of my existence and if you do not co-operate with me I shall not be able to live.

(2) The world does not know attachment for which you are being restless. The nature of the world is that of change and change alone. You will not be able to know the world for you to be able to depend on, knowing well that the external world is your own creation, Oh stupid mind!

(3) The highs and lows of life cannot be bound by anyone. humanmindblogimageThe world is just like the passing-by water of a river.

(4) The forms and colours that you see around are ever changing and there is no way to get control over them. Human love is an illusion. One cannot easily assess the nature of one’s own assumed family in the material world. Each one is a stranger in the world. When someone says “I know”, it is an illusion. Nothing can be known about the material world unless one attaches oneself to the higher self from where the world originates.

(5) Why do you work so hard for the world Oh mind? Do not go that extra mile to understand the world. Oh mind, you do not have the capacity to understand or analyze.

(6) Be thankful that you have some company till this point. It is a bonus for you. The material world is a dangerous place for the heart. People get close in relationships and then being in a relationship of give and take, the relationship turns sour. It is better to thank the Lord that for some time, the sweetness of relationships took root in the heart. However since even this is a part of the material world, this sweetness can never last. People stay together for their entire lives; yet it is not possible that the initial perceived sweetness will continue forever. The world of names, colours and forms is ephemeral.

(7, 8) It is not possible that you can take something from here after death. This assumption is an illusion and can cause lot of pain. Nobody is going to die with you.  Oh Mind forget about this possibility. Many times people get involved with other people or activities like their jobs, professions and other things in such a way that they identify themselves with that person or profession or with anything of this world. One has to understand and realize that this attitude is very suicidal. When that activity, person or worldly object is pulled back, it also pulls the life out of the person who has not used intelligence and allowed his mind to get identified. It is not possible to assume that any activity of this world is eternal. The mind has to be trained not to stick to anything or anyone; even parents, wife, children and other dear ones because one day all these people are bound to leave and go.

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