Verse: 9

Śacī sūnor asyāṣṭakam idam abhīṣṭaṁ viracayat

Sadā dainyodrekād ati viśada buddhiḥ paṭhati yaḥ

prakāmaṁ caitanyaḥ prabhur ati kṛpāveśa vivaśaḥ

pṛthu premāmbhodhau prathita rasade majjayati tam


Anyone who recites the 8 verses of CAITANYĀṢṬAKAM praising the son of Saci, Sri Chaitanya with humility and a pure heart will be thrown in the great and famous Rasa ocean of love by Sri Krishna Chaitanya who Himself  is an ocean of endless compassion.

Rasa Vyakhya (Purport of mellows):  Whenever a being of the planet where death is certain (earth), does any activity, the desire for result of that action predominates the heart of that being. Such is the nature of persons populating earth. These 8 verses of CAITANYĀṢṬAKAM is only meant for persons who have been established in Bhakti. The recite of these 8 verseslcm14 is assumed to be greedy for the service of the divine couple. Maintaining any desire other than Krishna is the highest form of cheating in the arena of Krishna Bhajana. Thus one who is situated on the platform of pure Bhakti is the most eligible to derive specific Bhakti benefits of this work. Humility is the corner-stone of Bhakti. Lord Mahaprabhu has explained to Swarupa Damodara and Raya Ramananda how Prema can be easily attained through Nama in a humble state of mind, being tolerant like a tree. Dasa Goswami was the epitome of Sri Caitanyadeva’s eulogy of a top-class devotee. Dasa Goswami created this work when he himself was immersed in the ocean of Prema. Hence every letter of this work is drenched in the fruit-juice of Prema. By continuous recitation or study of this work a sincere aspirant can fathom the depth of Prema.

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