0125-RG–Vishada Yoga 1.25, 1.26

Verse 1.25


sarveshaam cha maheekshitaam;

Uvaacha paartha pashyaitaan

samavetaan kuroon iti.


In front of Bheeshma and Drona and all the rulers of the earth, Hrishikesha said: “O Partha, behold now all these Kurus gathered together!”

Verse 1.26

Tatraapashyat sthitaan paarthah

 pitrin atha pitaamahaan;

Aachaaryaan maatulaan bhraatrun

 putraan pautraan sakheemstathaa.


Then Arjuna beheld there stationed, grandfathers and fathers, teachers, maternal uncles, brothers, sons, grandsons and friends, too.

RG Purport:  From verse 24 thru verse 26 Sri Krishna has been addressed as Hrishikesha while Arjuna has been either referred as Gudakesha or Partha. These different addresses for the same personalities reflect a particular mood of these personalities especially given the importance of the last 3 verses. Sri Krishna was in command of the situation although He was seemingly ordered by His servant and dear friend Arjuna, to take the chariot to the center of the battlefield from where Arjuna could get a better view of the two armies. Having been referred as Partha, the closeness between Arjuna and Krishna is evident. Krishna was no way going to let His friend and aunt Pritha’s (Kunti) son be swayed with emotions. Having stationed the chariot at the center of the battlefield; Krishna “orders” Arjuna to assess the armies. The tone of Krishna was condescending because He was seeing Arjuna getting emotional when there was no need to be perturbed. Arjuna on the other hand was only seeing his relatives at the opposing side instead of enemies which was an inappropriate mood given the situation.

This is the case with every living entity that is on the earthly platform. Krishna is present in our hearts in the form of Paramatma and yet we give inappropriate orders to Him which depicts our weakness. We normally never take any instructions from Him because we feel that there is no need to recognize His presence. Being guided by the fickle mind one drives the chariot of the body through the wrong paths. Krishna always cautions one from the heart. If we do not listen He simply keeps quite the next time and if we insist He happily takes us through the inappropriate lanes of destiny which could have been rewritten and changed if only we would have listened to Him. The path of Sadhana teaches one the science of taking instructions from the Lord. Arjuna was fortunate because the Lord was his greatest friend and was always by his side at the time of seeming calamity because when the Lord is present no calamity can befall a devotee.

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