0142-RG–Vishada Yoga 1.42, 1.43

Verses 42, 43

doṣair etaiḥ kula-ghnānāṁ


utsādyante jāti-dharmāḥ

kula-dharmāś ca śāśvatāḥ


manuṣyāṇāṁ janārdana

narake niyataṁ vāso

bhavatīty anuśuśruma


With the destruction of families by evil men, family traditions are destroyed giving rise to unwanted children. Family Projects as well as community welfare projects stay devastated. O Janardana, I have heard that those responsible for such devastation surely stay in hell.

RG Purport: Arjuna continued his argument with the Lord in the anticipation that the war could be avoided even after the bugles and conchshells were blown indicating an unavoidable battle. Arjuna posed arguments like an adept directly referring to the Shastras. The Shastras said that when the system of Sanatana Dharma breaks down, unwanted progeny results and there is a complete breakdown of family systems and values. In the current Kaliyuga it is a common scene that there are child abortions and an abundance of children of unknown family lineage being reared at habitats. This was the fear that Arjuna expressed at the very outset of the current Yuga.  Family welfare programs run by the four Ashrama and the four Varna systems ensure the proper nurturing of value systems. The system where students were cared at the Guru Ashrams, funded by the great kings would surely come to an end as a result of the devastating war. Arjuna addresses the Lord as Janardana, the protector of men. Arjuna also did not want to be classified as a perpetrator of homicide whereby the entire Kuru race would qualify for a hellish life even after securing valiant martyrdom in the battlefield owing to their contribution towards the annihilation of an entire system of Santana Dharma.

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