RG-The Human System

Kuru and the Human System


Before we embark on the journey of the Raganugiya Yoga System based on the Bhagavad Gita, it is important to understand the Internal Human System, the apparatus of thought and action and the value system. The Kuru dynasty and the Lord make a perfect representation of the human system especially in the context of this age of Kali. It was the Lord’s plan to demonstrate practically a lesson to mankind through the great saga of Mahabharata.

The Bhagavad Gita which consists of seven hundred verses analyzes the human system and devises means to connect the human system to its source, God, so as to relieve the system from untold maladies that continues to boggle the human system in a cyclic way almost eternally. The Bhagavad Gita is the song of the Lord where he urges man to surrender unto Him in the end as the only solution to innumerable worries and entanglements. The Human system is complex and does not yield to advice. It operates out of the mind and ego which is already contaminated with Karmic debris and even if the Supreme Personality out of genuine concern instructs it, it would not yield owing to its compulsive karmic behavioural patterns and adamancy due to its false identification with bodily realities which by itself is illusory and debilitating. The Raganuga way is based on the simple premise that it has been devised by Sri Krishna who first presented the seven hundred verses as a tip to mankind for reformation and when that did not work too well, he again made His appearance as Sriman Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and created the sweetest pudding of Raganuga Bhakti and gave it to the general masses without any pre-conditions. The Raganuga Bhakti Sampradaya is that very pudding aimed at the highest good, never ever presented before. Although there have been many organizations and groups that did great work , taking a page out of Sriman Mahaprabhu’s life , spreading the glories of the holy name and so on , they fell short at giving the thirsty populace the ambrosia that they had been yearning for , taking them to the deathless realm by transmission of Deeksha and subsequent Sadhana. The importance of focussed sadhana has not been spoken about enough and this is where taking the holy name appears today as a thankless activity where there is “Nama” on the tongue but no real change in the internal character of the devotee. This is what the Raganugiya process aims to focus upon so that the common man can at last taste that sweet pudding which Sriman Mahaprabhu has prepared for us 530 years back.

The human intellect is the captain of the human system. When it is contaminated it does not function the way it is supposed to. There is a value system that is given to us by the Creator. We call it Shastras. The highest kind of Shastras is the Sattvika Shastras and the Shastras which are in the mode of pure goodness or Vishuddha Sattva. If the Intellect is tainted with principles not included in the Shastras against the mode of goodness or mode of pure goodness, the intellect is said to be contaminated. The Sattvika and Vishuddha Shastras are nothing but directly the representation of a human system which is operating with God Consciousness. A God-Conscious Individual defines the Shastras themselves. He need not refer to Shastras. Whatever he says would be already a part of the Sattvika or Vishuddha Sattva. Hence a man of perfect realization represents the highest revelation of the Shastras itself. When the intellect is impure, it does not pay attention to deep insights sometimes provided by the soul, to warn it. The intellect is the decision maker and hence the contaminated intellect always makes the wrong choice which binds the soul into Karma. Sometimes by good fortune and previous Karmic effect, pure intelligence may function, yet the effect of the pure intelligence on the intellect is short lived.

The mind is the source of all trouble. The mind which is filled with dubious intentions and thoughts controls the intellect and suggests to the intellect to take faulty decisions. The mind is the source of all evil. It has the ability to control almost all faculties of the human system. The chitta is the doorway to the Lord and it is the most subtle part of the mind. When the mind is fully purified, the Chitta connects with the Lord and the transcendental Value system starts acting on the human system, thereby making the human system fully spiritual.  When the mind is contaminated with ambitions and treachery, the chitta is totally non-functional thus blocking the channel to the divine. The Value system of divinity is the inner voice that operates and comes into action with the help of chitta. However this value system fades away when the mind is contaminated.

When the mind captures the intellect, it creates havoc. It indulges the senses in the sense-objects thereby causing heavy damage to the spiritual and material aspects of the human system. The senses go astray and what results is delusion and there is no distinction between right and wrong action. The entire break down of the human system occurs when the senses engage into wrong action and the Karmic debris thus created destroys the human system to such an extent that it is thrown into hellish planets for undergoing various punishments. When the system comes back, the same cycle continues unabatedly. It is only be the mercy of a Vaishnava can such a debilitated human system saved. It can also be seen from the discussion above that it is the mind which is the source of all agony. If somehow the mind is captured and subdued, the problem is solved. The various Yoga systems focus thoroughly on the mind and when the mind is worked upon, there is a chance of the human system being salvaged. The Raganugiya Gita, through the verses of the Bhagavad Gita is a journey into the mind of the human system.

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