Despite Body, Mind and Intelligence

Every living entity on the face of the planet is under the regime of Karma. Especially human beings are the species, which on the basis of Sastric facts established the connection between Karma and the course of life. If this is the case what is the significance of a body , mind and intelligence which are subtle extensions of the living element that govern the activity of the being during his stay on the planet ?

karmaThe rich talk of their story how they built an empire from thin air. There are stories of greatness and stories of mind over matter, how achievements were made from a simple idea. All said and done one gets a feeling that it is power of the mind, sharp intelligence and the like that are responsible for the glories conferred by nature on the living entities; in this case, on humans. Many people are famous; some are praised for their looks; some for their voice and some for no evident reason. However the reasons given to substantiate things are far from the real truth. The Shastras exact that it is favourable and unfavourable action that really decide what is available and what is withheld by Mother Nature. Actions are broadly categorized as favourable, neutral and unfavourable actions.

The mind, body and intelligence are simply tools that deliver actions; those which are favourable as approved by the “Satvikka” (in the mode of goodness) Sastric injunctions where the intentions are noble; actions that are neutral or those which do not have carry any particular mood or intention and those that are unfavourable; actions which carry negative intentions or those which are not in approval of the “Satvikka” Sastric injunctions. Here point should be noted that it is not because of hard work and commitment towards a particular activity that the activity is a success. Conversely it is true that the result of some previous positive Karma by way of hard work and commitment that gets directed towards a particular activity and as a result there is success. There are many cases where hard work and commitment are directed towards certain activities yet the activity succumbs to failure. When mind, body and intelligence are used to perform positive activities; the activities accumulate karmic merit which is returned back to the living entity at an appropriate time by nature and despite misuse of mind, body and intellect, the living entity still reaps great merit in cognizance of a previous meritorious activity.

It is foolish to weigh actions and their results in the current because there is insufficient understanding on how old karmas unfold. One who dedicates the body, mind and intelligence in activities of the world achieve results in a flip-flop manner sometimes that which is pleasing to the senses and sometimes that which is irksome and unfavourable to the senses. The entire game of Karma is in the sensual. The body, mind and intellect which are applied for the satisfaction of the senses doles out ephemeral, fleeting results. Hence there is no respite towards inner fulfilment if the body, mind and intellect are directed towards either favourable or unfavourable actions as enunciated by the Shastras. The results of both these types of actions are driven by the intention of the actions and their results are also temporary and ephemeral.

The only alternative is to direct the body, mind and intellect towards the highest principle of Krishna Bhajana. Only such direction will alleviate the insufficiency of inner fulfilment. Krishna Bhajana is that transcendental activity that will catapult the body, mind and intellect to that legion beyond Karma.

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