In Pursuit – Part Two

The Prema Bhakti Candrika (PBC) carries the immaculate principles of Sadhana Bhakti. Bhakti that is infallible and perfect. It delivers to its readers the perfect principle which is topmost and the only process which a “jeeva” should abide by for perfection. PBC is about highest realizations that Srila Narottama wishes to share with sincere aspirants. PBC is not a book but a garland of Gaudiya Bhajans typically addressed as “geeti” in Bengali. The instructions lie at the root of these melodious bhajans. If possible one should learn Gaudiya geeti so that one may easily get entrance to the sweetest aspect of Krishna Bhajana. Gaudiya geeti, if sung with proper mood and understanding leads one to Bhava without endeavour. One only needs to surrender to Srila Narottama Mahasaya as one sings these munificent creations which are parts and parcels of PBC.

sri_sri_prema_bh_4f34bdbc51582One has to realize the PBC with the aid of one’s Gurudeva and on the strength of one’s own spiritual practices or bhajana. Mundane and dry intelligence has no entry into PBC. There goes a nice story where the glories of Prema Bhakti Candrika are thoroughly enunciated. A highly educated person came to serve his Guru after his retirement from active household life. The mahatma immediately gave a copy of PBC to his retired disciple. The disciple stayed at a distance from where his guru was put up. When the disciple used to meet the guru, the guru always enquired from his disciple as to how his study of PBC progressed. He also enquired whether he understood PBC. The disciple thought in his heart that perhaps Gurudeva is unaware of his high education. He wondered what is there to understand in a simple song book as the PBC. The disciple replied to his guru that he understood very easily the purport of PBC being extremely proud of his scholastic skills. One day the guru quoted a verse from PBC and asked his scholarly disciple to explain the meaning of the verse. The disciple explained the meaning putting his limited miniscule mundane intelligence into action. The God-realized guru simply smiled and said that the disciple was way off the mark. The disciple then realized that he had taken things too lightly and that he was incapable of understanding the high moods revealed in the simple “geeti” of Srila Thakura Mahasaya (Narottam).From then on the disciple undertook a serious study of PBC under the perfect guidance of his God-realized Guru. The Guru revealed the most esoteric principles of spiritual life to his “dull” disciple and with this the disciple was able to relish the sweetest nectar of PBC and soon got inundated with spiritual rasa or mellows.

It is said that one who has not savoured rasa of divine service as enunciated by Sri Rupa Goswami is the most unfortunate. One needs to surrender oneself to Srila Gurudeva and through him, surrender to the Six Goswamis of Vrindavana so that one is able to taste nectar drops of rasa in the madhura bhava or mood of conjugal love. The principles of rasa as expounded by Srila Rupa Goswami have the power to deliver the most fallen jeeva. Srila Thakhura Mahasaya has requested humbly all the jeevas to take shelter of the works of the six Goswamis of Vrindavana.

Srila Thakhura Mahasaya says that Sri Rupa is Rupa Manjari and the head of all the jeevas who wish to serve Srimati Radharani in the mood of a hand-maid in Vraja Bhumi. The spiritual master of Srila Thakhura Mahasaya is Sri Loknatha Goswami. Thakhura Mahasaya serves his guru as guru manjari and wishes to serve guru manjari and then wishes to get introduced to Rupa manjari through Guru Manjari. Thakhura Mahasaya is in this state of prayer all the time in extreme yearning. Such a mood is the backbone of manjari Bhava sadhana as enunciated by Thakhura Mahasaya. Manjulali manjari is the spiritual name of Loknatha Goswami, the spiritual master of Thakhura Mahasaya. Srimati Radharani inquires from Rupa manjari, the spiritual name of Sri Rupa Goswami, as to who is the new manjari and Rupa manjari points her finger towards Manjulali manjari and says that it is Manjulali manjari who has presented the new manjari (Thakhura Mahasaya) for Her service. This is the highest mood in which we have to serve Guru, the Guru then hands us over to Rupa Goswami and then Rupa Goswami hands us over for eternal service to Srimati Radharani.

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