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Dasa Goswami alias Sri Raghunatha Dasa Goswami addresses his mind on various accounts. This mind is actually the minds of people who do not find “Ruci” or liking for sadhana and are involved with activities not connected with Krishna. Dasa Goswami’s work “Manah Shiksha” addresses such jeevas. It is by some indescribable good fortune that a lusty jeeva comes to the right path. Yet his heart is filled with the filthy vices of material existence. The vices which are sticky and stop the mind from taking the spiritual route are diplomacy, portrayal of being good, deceitfulness, forbidden behavior in character, mental and physical violence towards other living entities.

The one root quality in human being that arrests any spiritual progress is “kapata” which can mean deceitfulness, fraud or unfaithful behavior. If one retains one’s fraudulent behavior there is no scope for one to contact the personification of knowledge and bliss, Sri Krishna. If a person retains in his heart these qualities and feels that some japa, puja or smaraṇa can get him Krishna, it is nothing but another form of self-deceit. Such Bhakti activities done without the firm resolve to be free of this behavior is not a form of sin but a great form of offense.manah-shiksha The unclean heart remains so because one is not doing Bhajana with a submitted heart, one continues to vibrate with the names of the Lord on top of the debris of fraudulent tendencies. This if continued will gradually extend to the Guru and then the Lord. A Guru cannot deliver a disciple who does intense Bhajana with duplicity in his heart (since he has not surrendered that quality thinking that he is intelligent). If a Guru tries to salvage or hide such behavior of his disciple, the Guru goes to a burning hell along with his dear disciple. Thus hypocrisy has no place in Krishna Bhajana. Saints like Narottama Thakhura Mahasaya lay importance on not indulging in “unreal” activities on higher priority than Krishna Bhajana. “First things first”, is the approach of elevated saints. Bodily consciousness and acts of the mind related to sense pleasure hide behind the duplicitous Bhakta who is trying to hide safely behind Bhajana. Such devotees claim to be immersed in Sadhana and call sitting in a corner of a humble room with their rosary to be Bhajana. Doomed are such devotees and their spiritual masters. The course of their Bhajana activities is nothing but an ocean of awaited suffering. Bitching about other Vaishnavas in a condescending way is the worst type of Apradha that a devotee can commit.  Das Goswami points to deceitfulness and Vaishnava Apradha as taking bath in the burning acidic rain of ass-urine. Given the world situation Dasa Goswami says “Who will believe if I claim that one drop of love of Krishna can inundate the entire universe in the nectarine blissful ocean of Prema. I rant like a madman weeping at the banks of Radhakunda.” It should be understood by his words that the heartfelt worshipper of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna floats in the ecstatic love for them. Dasa Goswami exhorts those who take up to worshipping Sri Radha-Krishna in their heart will be surely relieved from the pangs of material suffering and will be immersed in the sweet nectar of their divine love.

To teach the conditioned souls it is evident that Dasa Goswami descended from the spiritual realm and established himself on the platform of a sadhaka. He did the leela of being affected by anarthas and through personal examples established this fact that there is no way to extinguish the fire of material existence other than by learning to swim in the love-nectar waves of  Prema emanating from the feet of the divine couple. Thus Dasa Goswami addresses the worldly people as if through instructions to his own mind, which in itself was the condensed honey of attachment to Sri Sri Radha-Krishna.

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