Sadhguru Leela

Sadhguru is beyond the ken of limited human intelligence and understanding. One who tries to understand Guru with so-called brilliance of brain power is simply a fool who has not experienced spiritual life so to say. Sadhguru is that expansion of the Supreme Lord who has incarnated specifically for the uplift of the conditioned jeevas. Sadhguru is the epitome of the aspect of compassion. The Sadhguru employs various mechanisms to remove the Avidya or ignorance from the hearts of his disciples and followers by performing various Leelas that will trigger higher understanding through means unknown in the context of material transactions.

SpiritualMotherSadhguru knows the heart of each of his followers and the devotees and performs Leelas which is enough to unveil ignorance at all levels and thus infuse the mood of true service. The Sadhguru appreciates the feelings of one and all that are under his tutelage and strives internally to unravel the path of true Bhakti in the hearts of the devotees. One should never try to understand Sadhguru through human logic and submissively take association with Sadhguru whenever possible. To understand the mood of the Sadhguru one is required to serve him according to the Sadhguru’s desires by consistently inquiring from him on aspects of service and Bhakti and should not try to touch Sadhguru with one’s infinitesimally limited material intelligence. The Sadhguru is actually the divine mother who cleans the consciousness of devotees before handing over the devotees to the Lord for His personal service just as a loving mother cleans the filth surrounding the body of a child wrapped in human waste before handing him clean in the hands of the father. Sadhguru is aware of every single vibration in the consciousness of the devotees even to the extent that the devotee is not aware of his own self. One may perform various types of sadhana and bhajana yet to attain final fulfilment one has to return back to innocence of a helpless baby if at all one really intends to serve Sadhguru in true spirit.

Sadhguru is that benevolent manifestation of the Lord who descends to seemingly mundane transactions just to support the fallen jeevas although he himself is engaged internally in the highest possible service to the Supreme Lord. The mood of surrender to Sadhguru can really bear fruits when one sincerely tries at heart to overcome one’s shortcomings after due consideration and associating deeply with Sadhguru. Compassion is the hall-mark of Sadhguru and the heart of the Sadhguru goes out to his immediate family who are his direct disciples. The devotees under the tutelage of such a Sadhguru are extremely fortunate considering that they have spend endless lifetimes for such divine guidance yet due to material ignorance have been forced by the dictates of Ego or self-esteem under the guidance of “Prakriti” or Maya. Sadhguru is beyond even the most inconceivable form of Maya and it becomes binding on the sincere devotee to submit his self completely under the care of such a compassionate Spiritual Master or Sadhguru. The best way that a devotee can learn how to please the Lord is to involve Sadhguru in every aspect of one’s life rather than using mundane intelligence to separate spiritual and material life. It becomes evident that whoever is fortunate to have a Sadhguru is under the spiritual domain and such a person should divine that there is nothing like “material” in his life. This will become a fact if the devotee involves Sadhguru in every aspect of one’s life without worrying about the Sadhguru’s comfort because Sadhguru comes only to sort out the life of his disciples so that he can remove material conception totally from the life of the disciple and inject spiritual vigour in every aspect of life which Shastra alone is “thoroughly” incapable of providing.

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