Ekanta Bhajana


Ekanta Bhajana means to chant the holy name / Diksha mantras for a period of time in solitary isolation. During this period a sadhaka only has association with his/her spiritual master Shiksha or Diksha Guru. He may undertake a period of 1 yr to 2 yrs isolation from so-called Religious institutions and does not allow one’s consciousness to get contaminated with ideologies other than what the spiritual master recommends. One can …during this period attend to daily material chores for material subsistence but strictly refrains from any external associations that will deviate him from his goal. During this period the individual may take up a fixed number of rounds and compulsory reading so that consciousness is overhauled thoroughly from all mood influences… This is undertaken exclusively under the supervision of a spiritually empowered guru/

When such an endeavor is undertaken and successfully completed..the following will be the benefits

  • Opening up of choked spiritual channels within the human system
  • One becomes clear in one’s vision and goal
  • Steadfastness and renewed vigor in Bhajana
  • New taste for the Holy name and increasing one’s capability to surrender to the will of the divine
  • Freeing oneself from the cobwebs of self-defeating thoughts meaning …everything with regards to Bhajana and Sadhana will be viewed as possible
  • End of Self-limiting ideologies and become laser-sharp focused on the ultimate goal– attainment of Prema
  • Special ability to influence society through self-imposed actions and not merely lip-talk… Walking and then talking if need be!!
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