0119-RG–Vishada Yoga 1.19, 1.20

Verse 1.19

Sa ghosho dhaartaraashtraanaam

 hridayaani vyadaarayat;

Nabhashcha prithiveem chaiva

 tumulo vyanunaadayan.


The tumultuous sound rent the hearts of Dhritarashtra’s party, making both heaven and

earth resounds.

Verse 1.20

Atha vyavasthitaan drishtwaa

dhaartaraashtraan kapidhwajah;

Pravritte shastrasampaate

 dhanurudyamya paandavah.

Hrisheekesham tadaa

vaakyamidamaaha maheepate;


Then, seeing all the people of Dhritarashtra’s party standing arrayed and the discharge of weapons about to begin, Arjuna, the son of Pandu, whose ensign was that of a monkey, took up his bow and said the following to Krishna, O Lord of the Earth!

RG Purport:  The sound of the conchshells of the Pandavas shattered the confidence of the most belligerent warriors of the Kaurava camp. One reason for this is the presence of the Lord of the universe Sri Krishna in the Pandava camp. Moreover the Pandavas were brilliant in their own respective areas of warfare and there was nobody equal to them. The sound produced thus pierced through the bosom of the earth and the heart of the heavens. The Kauravas could sense defeat even before the beginning of war. Similarly one who does sadhana should have the heart of a lion and wage a war against the hidden enemies hiding within the body. The body encages within itself the vices of anger, lust, illusion, greed, pride and envy. When one undertakes a firm resolve to take up Bhakti, one should do so uproariously with firm resolve. After having signed off the war, the epitome of glory, Arjuna was all prepared. Arjuna was guided by Lord Sri Krishna and his chariot carried the insignia of Sri Hanuman the dispeller of inauspiciousness. The Kaurava Sena was prepared in a way to face defeat even before the commencement of war.

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