Spiritual Identity

The path enjoined by Sriman Mahaprabhu is intensely special. A living entity that undertakes the Raganuga path of Bhakti under the benign guidance of a Sadhguru in that line and takes Hari Nama and Deeksha from such a guru is most fortunate. In that process one develops within oneself a spiritual vehicle that will allow one entry into the transcendental pastimes of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna.

When one performs sadhana, one develops two identities, one of a sadhaka or of a practitioner of Raganuga Bhakti adhering to which this current body of the sadhaka itself becomes completely spiritual owing to the potency of the Parampara, the sadhana itself 120-hk0qqwqvand the Sadhguru. Such a spiritual body is permanent and never ever gets destroyed. Even when a sadhaka established in the truth of such sadhana leaves this material world, his current body simply gets unmanifest though in the vision of others not in sadhana, it may appear to disintegrate. This spiritual body then can be used by the Sadhaka during Samsara leela or earthly pastimes at some other point of time, place and circumstances in another universe. Such a body will be utilized for uplifting other devotees in many of the universes, to showing them the path of perfection. Thus the body of such a sadhaka who is in sadhana becomes an aspect of spiritual identity and becomes one of spirit and not of matter. The Spiritual identity of such a sadhaka is developed and spiritualized by constant Bhajana and practice of mood of service. A sadhaka who is constantly filled with the consciousness of being a servitor of Guru and Gauranga ; who adorns body with the Radhakunda tilaka applied at twelve places in the body in that mood, one who maintains one’s body and keeps it free from disease so as to enable him to perform Bhajana, such a Sadhaka spiritualizes his body thus. One who wears Kanthi mala or a neckband of tulasi / basil stem beads always contemplating on the eight fold pastimes of Sri Sri Radha Krishna automatically energises his body and makes it spiritual.

One, who remembers the adorning of Srimati Radharani’s transcendental body with accessories of beautification and resplendence, while adorning one’s own body with tilaka, energizes one’s body and makes it spiritual. One needs to develop this ego that one is a servant of Srila Gurudeva and that one is serving Sriman Mahaprabhu and Sri Sri Radha Krishna through one’s body all the time. Such a development of consciousness immunizes ones apparent material body. This process of reminding oneself of one’s spiritual position as one performs one’s daily activities will infuse in oneself the strength and maturity of the spiritual kingdom. One will remain free of diseases and one’s real ego gets strengthened. One develops two identities in the line of service to Sriman Mahaprabhu’s mission. With the current physical body one serves by bringing other fortunate jeevas into Sriman Mahaprabhu’s movement. One takes on the role of a teacher and preacher and serves Sriman Mahaprabhu. The other spiritual identity one develops is of a kinkori or manjari of Srimati Radharani which is useful in serving the divine couple in the transcendental world of Goloka Vrindavana. One body is the external one which is visible , which becomes spiritual through sadhana and the other which is internally conceived , whose identity is defined by Srila Gurudeva which is useful in serving the transcendental couple in their Nikunja Leela. The more one contemplates and serves with such strong attachment to such an identity, the faster one gets redeemed from the afflictions of the temporary material world. The misconstrued variations of the ephemeral phenomenal world transits from our vision, leaving us with an experience that is ultimately real and permanent.

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