Attaining the Highest ideal

In Krishna Bhajana , the devotee expects nothing in return for his service. He is simply happy when he serves the Lord. Here what is important is this mood. Attaining this mood itself is an important aspect of our “Prayojana”- The Goal. However it is a common sight that we meet devotees who engage in Krishna Bhajana , yet there is a dearth of this mood in “totality”. They say that “We are puny creatures and that we are not qualified to serve Krishna , yet we do it”. Why are we serving in the first place? Our very existence on this planet indicates that we are in search and unless the search is complete we are “still looking, adapting and following”. What is the search about? It is obvious that we are in search of the highest ideal. Some attain peace when they do Krishna Bhajana , some say its calmness , some say it is happiness that they derive. Yet the Goal of Krishna Bhajana is exactly not clear to the sea of devotees who  are continuously searching on the Krishna Bhajana way.

maxresdefault1The people that engage themselves in such services as part of Krishna Bhajana , have not clearly defined what one needs to seek , in the first place. Are we seeking peace, calmness, happiness or even service to Krishna through Krishna Bhajana? Most say it is service. Yet the question is what service? Many have plastic typical answers with no level of ecstasy on their placid faces. If we are seeking service, although it is “fed” into them, none of the seekers have a clue as to how is this service done ,how to attain it and nothing is known about the mood of transcendental service to Krishna.Many even say that serving in temple is Seva or service . But these answers are far from reality in the light of revealed scriptures.  If in the course of spiritual service to Krishna, one does not experience growing ecstasy and the “elevated spiritual mood” of such service , even spiritual practices will continue to be a drag. Definitely such service, although appreciated by the Lord Himself ; will not grant them the “Single most Highest Service” of Braja Prema or service in the mood of the Braja Gopis of Vrindavana. If people in Krishna Bhajana are not “Goal oriented” towards attaining Braja Prema , then ideally “one is not serving in the Gaudiya Vaishnav movement as conceived by Sriman Mahaprabhu”.

There are yet a lot of others claiming that to serve in the mood of the Gopis ; is impossible because they themselves  do not deserve to attain the mood and that they are  fallen. If that is the case then why did Sriman Mahaprabhu who is the original Brajendra Nandana Krishna make His appearance here on this planet. All His efforts are a waste!! One must not only understand but realize that He is the Kaliyuga Avatara and made no distinction to distribute that Highest Prema, the goal and the Highest “Prayojana” available for the living entities. He was even so gracious that He distributed that Gopi Prema to the wild animals of Jharikhanda forest and took them back to the spiritual world.If one does not really aspire for this “Prema”( Service in the mood of a hand-maid of Srimati Radharani); then the people who claim to be Krishna devotees of the Gaudiya Vaishnava clan should aspire for what Sriman Mahaprabhu had planned to distribute to the world, Gopi Prema. One should associate and aspire to be a Braja “manjari” in the service of Srimati Radharani which is the internal mood of Sriman Mahaprabhu which is even today available through the medium of God-realized ( One who has attained the eternal transcendental service of Sri Sri Radha Krishna in the eternal realm) Gaudiya Vaishnavas of  Braja Bhoomi (Vrindavana). Any other agenda amongst people performing Krishna Bhajana , will not take one to the cherished goal of Krishna Prema!

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