The Raganuga Transformation

The Krishna Conscious movement comes in various flavours. One of the most intense flavours is the Raganuga Rasa Sadhana. However it is important to understand how human consciousness becomes a fertile ground for the Prayojana to manifest. The reason is this, unless this is understood it may well be that the Prayojana may never manifest at all if the conditions are not suitable within the firmament of consciousness how much ever one chants the Holy Name or how much everyone tries to create spiritual greed to attain the desired end.

It has been revealed by the Acarya of the Abhidheya tattva, Srila Rupa Goswami that spiritual greed is the single-most important factor for the attainment of the Prayojana or the Ultimate objective as ordained by the Gaudiya Mahajanas, especially the gift of Krishna Prema. The question however is that how it is that one can attain that specific type of spiritual greed? There are many organizations and institutions strewn around the world which run various missions which proscribe Raganuga in the very name of pure Bhajana. There are highly elevated devotee members of organizations whose heart pain for the human population of a particular race because they are not in Bhakti. It may be possible that their thoughts do not revolve around race or such things per se; however there is most certainly a lack of awareness in the direction of the actual Prayojana of Bhajana.

As the six Goswamis have emphatically established, the Prayojana of Bhajana is to encourage the followers of Gaudiya Vaishnava to attain their own (of the six Goswamis) specific consciousness so that by such attainment, the Prayojana simply falls on the lap of the aspirants who follow the system in spirit. When one refers to Sadhu Sanga, it strictly refers to the Sadhus of Vrindavana or those Sadhus who do Bhajana with Vrindavana in their heart, sadhus whose only reason to exist is their attachment to Srimati Radharani following the exact footsteps of the original followers of Sriman Mahaprabhu. Such sadhus have never any agenda of preaching or any intention of making any disciples for self-promotion or using that platform of Guru to attract other devotees, even for the benefit of the entire world. True Raganuga sadhana does not presuppose any such conditions. Everything happens according to the will of Sriman Mahaprabhu and Srimati Radharani. There are certainly no plans chalked out for setting up standards of preaching or any of that sort. The mood is simply that every breath that one takes is solely for the pleasure of the Lord, in line with the strictest principles of Sadhana. Even if some activity that is done in Raganuga Bhajana , that may appear like preaching , there is no intention behind that act to stoke a feeling of accumulation in the name of the Lord , neither for preaching activity, nor for devotees nor for any other thing other than one’s own purification. Even when one talks about the Lord, it should be to communicate with the Lord, for His pleasure and His glory.

The Pure “Dhara” (stream) of Vaishnava Bhajana only includes intense study of the works of the Goswamis. Even the material that one uses for study should be by authentic Vaishnava Gurus of the Sampradaya, by Raganugiya siddhas or sadhakas who lead a very dedicated life where there is no displayfadc3efea4eb58cd318473bacfcda09f of any pomp, even for the benefit of other devotees. Even translations of such works in foreign languages used for reading should have been done by pure disciples of such a great Vaishnava. One who is in Raganuga Bhajana only communicates with the Lord in all his expressions and there is no one else to whom the aspirant needs to be accountable for , neither a board , nor any so-called spiritual umbrella used in the direction of so-called “Jive Doya” (Welfare of living entities). The bygone statement simply indicates that the principle of “Jive-Doya” can only and only become manifest when one is established in the mode of “perfect” Bhajana. Only living entities of the highest order as ordained by Sriman Mahaprabhu will anyway have access to the domain of pure Raganuga Sadhana. The Shastras of the Raganuga Sadhaka are the Rasa Sastras. The association of the Rasika sadhakas are the sadhus of Vrindavana. The path that leads to the Sadhus of Vrindavana are our purest intentions of Prayojana, Our Guru is the Supreme Lord of Vrindavana in the form of the Sadhu (the Sadhguru) of Vrindavana, our Bhajana is the path provided by our Sadhguru, Our “ishtha” is Sriman Mahaprabhu and our Prayojana is to attain our siddha-deha of the dear-most kinkori (hand-maidservant) of Srimati Radharani.

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